Bikini Body Workouts Review: Will it work for you?

Today’s post is the Bikini Body Workouts Review, a product created by Jen Ferruggia.

Before you go on, you might be interested in visiting the official website here.

The thing about getting in shape is that it is pretty tough. I think most of us can admit to that. 

One of my partners of Reviews Mill, Emma, decided to put the Bikini Body Workouts program to the test, and has co-written this article with me to share the insights and results from 4 weeks of testing. 

Most of us ladies had dreamt about having a bikini body, be it from watching the babes in the big screen or the daily dose of pictures from Instagram. Is it really achievable? 

There is no definite answer, but something is definite. If you do not get off your couch and do something towards your goal, you will become further and further away from that dream, that I can guarantee you.

But if you don’t want to starve yourself for the sake of beauty and really keen to learn how to get a bikini body, then read on to find out if it is possible with the program. 

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How did I get started on Bikini Body Workouts

Being a mother of 3 kids, my body shape is definitely not what it used to be. Although no one is complaining or passing crude remarks, I feel somewhat conscious of my body weight and frankly, it sucks to be out of breath so easily after climbing a flight of steps!

Which led me to search for a program that does not take up hours of my time (well, I play Mum to 3 little ones) and not that tough (like HIIT) to begin with as I’m pretty out of shape.

I came across Bikini Body Workouts while browsing Facebook and thought it was quite interesting but then again I was super skeptical since I had no prior knowledge of such programs.

What pushed me over the edge was seeing stars after a day out in the park with all 3 of my kids, which was my body’s way of telling me, “Hey, you need to do something about your health please!”

So I went back to Facebook to find that post and signed up for the program, and now 4 weeks later, I’m happy to report that I have successfully lost close to 14 pounds!

What is the Bikini Body Workouts Program?

First of all, understand that this is a digital program and not something that you need to sign up at the gym or some health clinic.

Why this is important is that you will need to execute this program on your own, and that means you definitely need some discipline and determination. I can’t stress enough that this will absolutely not work if you try it out for a week and take a week off and then resume.

With that out of the way, let’s explore a bit more about the Bikini Body Workouts ebook.

Want to wear this confidently?

The program spans across 12 weeks, where you will go through a series of bikini body workouts plus a special diet in order to reach your goals.

Whether you choose to perform the exercises at home or at the gym, it is down to your choice, which I really like since it gives me the flexibility.

And the truth is I do not have a gym membership too, keke.

As you will get to know, you will need to combine both the workout regime and the diet and that’s actually the great part that is different. A lot of programs focus on only one aspect, but the truth is that weight loss is often a combination of both.

You will also realize that you are pretty much free to eat liberally, and not be counting your calories at every meal.

As much as it is unbelievable, you can actually structure the entire program around your own schedule, perfect for me!

The author asks that you set aside 30 minutes a day to perform the exercises, which I really enjoy since they are not exactly Olympic level moves I need to execute.

Very soon, you can hopefully develop the good habits of a routine and create a positive lifestyle for yourself. I find the guides pretty realistic, and very quickly forgot that it is a program that I am following, since it became second nature.

Who is the author Jen Ferruggia?

It would be remiss if I didn’t point out that she has a bikini body, and she looks really good at her age, which I am assuming is in the 40s.


Jen was formerly a softball player, and she has dedicated her entire career to sports and fitness.

Among her accolades are fitness coach, a model, a nutrition expert and she is even a chef!

In school, she picked up a Bachelor of Science in Exercise Movement, picking up the necessary knowledge needed to develop this program.

Although she looks like some superhero character now, it wasn’t always the case for her. Back when she was around the age of 15, she was actually dealing with weight issues.

She soon realized that her unhealthy lifestyle was causing her these problems and resolved to change things around.

With the understanding that exercise and the correct diet is key to a healthy body, she set out to develop the Bikini Body Workouts program.

And guess what, she is also married to a renowned fitness expert, Jason Ferruggia, so she definitely knows what she’s talking about.

With all her personal experience and knowledge, Bikini Body Workouts was born.

What will you learn in the Bikini Body Workouts Program?

bikini body workouts bundle

After signing up, you will immediately gain access to the members’ area, which contains all the resources you need on your weight loss journey.

Let’s have a brief look at what you will receive:

  1. Workout videos. There are over 50 videos where Jen will show you step by step on how to execute them. This means you can easily follow along without the risk of injury.
  2. Bikini Body Workouts Guide PDF. This is a written form of the workouts in detail. Within it, you will find instructions clearly defining the sets you need, the number of reps in each exercise, what to eat and when to rest. You can choose to workout at home or in the gym.
  3. Nutrition guide. This is very cool, as you can immediately see that you will not be eating bland food day in day out. Hooray! Instead, you will learn about food that is healthy for you, but at the same time, super tasty! Stop counting calories from now on!
  4. Supplements list. There are a ton of supplements out in the market, and about a million salespersons trying to push the next big thing to you. Instead of being confused, Jen tells you which are the right ones to take to complement this program. (I can share with you that they are multivitamins, fish oil and protein powder, but of course will let Jen tell you the reasons why)
  5. Comprehensive shopping list. Not sure what to buy when you’re at the supermarket? The next time you head out, bring along this nifty shopping list to pick up the right type of food that is nutritious for you and your family.
  6. 21 Day Booty Blast. I did not really try this out (I’m lazy) but basically this is a series of 10 minutes workout that you can perform to shape your glutes. Maybe you will become the next Instagram star after this?

Some people have asked, what happens after 12 weeks, what do I do then?

Jen recommends that you repeat the 12-week cycle, this time with increased intensity or weights, or alternatively she has another program that is targetted for the next 13 – 24 weeks. You will find it when you go through the purchase process.

Even without getting the addon package, the Bikini Body Workouts program itself is packed full of value.

If you want to get more inspiration, then you should check out Jen’s Instagram page or head to her website to learn more.

Bikini Body Workouts Review: Pros and Cons


Author with excellent credentials and experience

Program is well structured and easy to follow

Offer lots of flexibility, be it the diet or exercises

Suitable for most demographics, even if you have not worked out for a long time

Very reasonable pricing

Immediate access after signing up

Backed by 60 days money back guarantee


You may need to purchase some equipment

Real commitment required (but I don’t really see it as a con, though some might)

Should include some videos on nutrition or supplements

For me, I purchased a couple of dumbbells and resistance bands so that I can really get the most out of the program. It didn’t cost me much and I feel that it is totally worth it. Ok, I made my husband sponsor them πŸ˜€

Do Bikini Body Workouts really work?

For me, the result was like night and day. As I mentioned earlier, I lost 14 pounds in 4 weeks, and no, I do not have a bikini body, but certainly good enough to put one on without feeling shy about it.

The program in my opinion certainly works, as long as you put in the work and stick by it.

Within a week, you should start to see improvements in general, feeling less lethargic, having more energy etc.

I now feel much stronger too, and getting better at concentrating on my tasks.

Results of Bikini Body Workouts participants


How much is the Bikini Body Workouts Program?

Sorry I got carried away, as I kept talking about the program and how it is reasonably priced but did not mention it.

If you sign up here through Reviews Mill, you will get a special price of only $29.99.

Bikini Body Workouts Review: Conclusion

Don’t be disappointed, but I do not have a bikini body after 4 weeks of testing, neither do I think that I will have one.

But I’m really happy and proud that I am now fit enough to take my kids out and engage in lots of outdoor activities with them.

My weight has also stabilized and is now in a healthy range.

I don’t think that getting a bikini body is important, as beauty is skin deep, but the “side effects” of “chasing” this dream has given me so much more, and I’m sure you can benefit from it too.

You will see your confidence receiving a big boost too.

Just don’t place so much emphasis on your appearance, but rather on your health and well being, and you will get to the right place.

With the Bikini Body Workouts priced at so attractively, plus the money back guarantee, I really don’t see any reason why you are not starting your journey.

Take action now!

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