Brain Training for Dogs Reviews

I think I am as skeptical as you when I read about yet another dog training program online. 

Seriously, over the last few month I have tried out a couple of them and they failed spectacularly. 

Is Brain Training For Dogs different? 

If you are a dog owner looking for a solution to train your dog in the best possible way, this review might just change things up for you. 

But while you search high and low for the next ‘good’ program, I want you to also try to adopt the mentality that the dog owner needs to be trained too. You will find out why later in the post.

Before you go on though, you can pop over to the official website too to check it out for yourself. 

If not, do read on to for my Brain Training for Dogs review.

P.S. The article is pretty long with a lot of details about the course. If you just want to know the pros and cons, use the menu down below to skip right to it

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Overview of Brain Training for Dogs Review


Takes around 4-6 weeks to see some results



Easy to follow, videos helps out a lot, and the games are fun



Very well priced, and backed by 60 days guarantee



Good value for money, but not suitable for people who wants fast results


A little background about me

About 6 months ago, I adopted a Labrador from a friend who had to relocate to another country. She was too lovely to pass up, despite knowing the fact that my friend didn’t exactly train her well. 

Ginny was somewhat different from the typical Lab breed, as she was not what I would describe as obedient. 

She had a bit of character and it took a while for us to become somewhat accustomed to each other, and so I decided to search out some sort of training program to improve our relationship. 

I have a pretty busy schedule, and finding a trainer was not exactly within my budget, so I had to turn online to find an effective dog training program that can help me out. 

Later in the post, I will share my findings and results with you.

Also, there is a free ebook that teaches you how to play the “airplane game” with your dog. I will share more about it later. Download your copy here

What is the program about

If you search online, you will notice there are lots of instructional manuals or videos that tries to help dog owners. 

There is a lot of merit in some of the information available for free, but yet I felt that they were somehow unstructured. 

The Brain Training for Dogs system makes it pretty simple for dog owners to follow a set of easy to follow guidelines to train their best friend. 

By using a Force-Free training method, versus a dominance type of instruction, you make use of techniques that helps build up your dog’s intelligence, self esteem and eventually gain its trust.

Without oversimplifying it, the program through a series of games trains both your dog and you in a way that is beneficial to both your physical and mental well beings. 

You will also be able to take ‘exams’ with your dog, that reinforces your understanding of the methods used and whether you guys are on the right track.

Who is the creator

The person who created this program is a well known dog trainer, Adrienne Farricelli. 

adrienne brain training 4 dogs

What I love is that she has been working with dogs since 2006, amassing a ton of experience in various kinds of scenarios. From the animal shelter to the hospital, Adrienne has built up her knowledge and after an apprenticeship of over 200 hours, she become certified with the Italian Association for Dog Trainers and Canine Consultants.

She then worked in Missouri for some time before gaining a certificate from the Certification Council for Professional Dog Trainers (CPDT-KA®) in the United States.

I think its fair to say that she knows what she’s talking about when it comes to doggy training. 

Combining her knowledge and scientific research, she came up with the Brain Training for Dogs program to impart her Force-Free teaching methods to dog owners all across the world. 

The system focuses on using positive reinforcements when dealing with canines, and as she is continually learning new things on the job, the program has evolved over time as well. 

It started out as just an ebook, but has now become an entire site filled with useful resources for its members. 

Training philisophy

I want to talk a bit more in depth about Adrienne’s training philosophy here, as it is the guiding principle for the entire program.

Have you seen dog owners yelling at their dog? In the hope that it will be fearful of its owner and eventually follow its instructions? 

I cringe whenever I see that. 

It’s pretty much common sense right? Your dog is a living thing with feelings, so what kind of person would think that this method will work? Can you imagine if someone else is doing that to you? Guess not. 

Instead, Adrienne teaches us how to be kind to our dog, show it love, and keep on teaching it in a way similar to how we would bring our kids up. The positivity you pass on to your dog will show in their behavior, and that makes both of you happy. 

Even the experts say so. 

What will you receive in the program

Upon signing up to be a member, you will gain access to an exclusive area where you can use the resources right away. 

In summary, here is what you will be getting:

  • The Brain Training for Dogs ebook, which is a 328 page instruction manual
  • 89 page dog behavioural training manual
  • Access to 21 instructional videos, teaching you all you need to know about dogs and how to train them successfully through fun and simple dog brain games
  • Many other resources that I will detail below
Let’s take a look at the modules in the ebook.

Module 1: Pre-school

Your dog will learn the steps to become obedient, keeping their attention on you, and maintain constant eye contact for strong communication.

There’s a simple game called “airplane game” to play with your dog to achieve this. 

Play Video

Module 2: Elementary school

After mastering the foundations in module 1, this module will further improve your dog’s learning capability and keep it away from boredom. 

You will get to play the “muffin game” and the “ball pit game” to keep your dog motivated. 

Module 3: High school

Module 3 is all about teaching your dog about patience. In fact, we could all take a leaf out of this topic!

It makes them utilise their sense of smell and engages them throughout. Very soon, you will be able to command your dog to settle down on cue.

Module 4: College

I love this module. By now, your dog would have gained a lot of new skills and become immensely connected to you.

This step takes it further by training them on their motor skills and builds up even more confidence in them!

Module 5: University

In this module, there is a very cool “hide and seek” game that trains your dog to have better control over its impulses. 

Ever seen videos of dogs with a piece of bacon on their nose and they are keeping still? That’s what this module aims to achieve. 

Module 6: Graduation

What good does it do for your dog if there is no physical activity right? 

In this module, your dog will play a series of games to train its agility as well as reinforce what it has learned throughout the course.

Module 7: Einstein

My dog has not reached this level, but essentially what it talks about is getting your dog to the genius level. 

Play the piano? Check. Keep its own toys after playing? Check. 

What else is in the members section?

Just have a quick look at what you will be getting: 

brain training for dogs members area sections

That’s incredible detailed, as you can see, the course covers so many different aspects about dogs and even has a forum where members can discuss their own unique situations. It seems that there is no question that is left unanswered here. 

Here’s a closer look at each of the sections.

Dog training & courses

Get acquainted with Adrienne in this section and learn a bit more about her and the program. You will get to read an overview of the course and what to expect in the days to come. This is important as you will learn about the types of activities designed to simulate your dog’s brain, which is critical in achieving the results you want. Something I really like is clicker training. You can check out the short clip for an example.

Play Video

Puppy Training

As you might expect, this section is targeted towards puppy owners. It’s really interesting as you get to learn about the psychology of a puppy during its formative years, and how it behaves at each stage of its young life. You can then apply the right methods of teaching while growing with your little doggy. If you do it right, the problems you will encounter when your dog grows up will be minimal. 

Behavioural problems

Did you know what it means when your dog barks, or wags its tail, or hides in a corner and whine? I think many of us think that we know, but in this section, we gain the knowledge of each type of behavior presented by our dog. This was one of the most important sections for me as it opened my eyes and gave me solutions to handle how Ginny was behaving. 

Adrienne's Archives

I did not use this much as I actually went through every single article of the program. In this section, you will find a list of topics that Adrienne deems common or important. The archives can be consumed through either articles or videos. 

Case Studies

No prizes for guessing what this section is about. Adrienne talks about her experience working with 2 dogs that she worked with previously, Sadie and Maggie. Through utilising the techniques she is teaching in the course, Adrienne manages to solve the problems faced by these 2 cuties. Here’s a short clip of her working with Maggie.

Play Video


You know something else that really sets this program apart? 

A forum where members can contribute and share their experiences, exchange resources, and ask questions. 

And guess who drops in to answer the questions? 

Adrienne herself. 

If you mind is not blown away yet, just think for a second. Adrienne is a successful dog trainer and entrepreneur, but she still takes the time to answer questions and be part of the community. Just WOW.

What you need to follow the program

There are some useful items that you should prepare to use in conjunction with the training program. I suppose you should have most of them, but if not, they are easily available on amazon but won’t cost more than a few dollars each. 

First up, you need to prepare different kinds of snacks. Feeding your dog biscuits versus feeding it chicken is a huge difference in their eyes, and since the training is about different commands and rewards, you will need different treats. 

Prepare them in different plastic bottles, or just take a used waist pouch to fit them in.

Second, you might want to incorporate the use of toys, such as hoops or cones during the brain games for your dog. If you don’t have them, be creative and get an alternative, or simply get it here

Thirdly, you should consider getting a clicker. This is a very useful tool to train your doggy, although you can also do well with verbal signals.

All these are covered in the course in detail, so not to worry. 

How does it work

So here’s the big question: how does the Brain Training for Dogs program work?

I really don’t think there is any secret, but rather a well designed course that is very easy to understand, easy to follow, and lots of fun to have with your dog. It gives ample mental stimulation to your dog and shows you lots of games to play with your dog that you can use for a long time to come. 

As such, when you are working with your dog, you are actually building an important link with it, gaining trust and friendship. By constantly using positive reinforcement, such as praises and rewards, the bond gets stronger and you will soon see that your dog will obey your commands much more easily. 

Does it really work

Yes, it worked for me. Ginny and I have built a strong relationship over the last few months, and many of my friends have noticed and commented on that too. 

When I first got Ginny, I wasn’t confident to bring her out, as I could not imagine what issues I might bump into and how to handle them.

Simple things like how she will react when faced with another dog, strangers, or just being out in public are all a mystery to me. 

Now I can say that all these are a thing of the past!

However, I will be the first to tell you that it takes a lot of effort. 

Look, I don’t know how to say it well, but having a dog to me is very much like having a kid. While most of us call our dogs our best friend, the truth is we have to put in a busload of effort to train it, take care of it and nurture it. 

So don’t make the mistake of thinking that it is easy and that buying the program will make all your problems go away, because it won’t. 

Pros and cons

What I like

Very well structured and organised program

Easy to understand wording, liberal use of images, making comprehension a breeze

Really strengthen your dog both physically and mentally

Builds an unbreakable bond between you and your doggy

Force free methods used; so no shouting, boot camp style training required

Designed by an accomplished and highly qualified dog trainer who has many years of experience under her belt

Variety of resources to guide you; ebooks and videos 

One of the best gifts you can give to your beloved pet

Course is very comprehensive and comes with lots of extras in the members section

60 day Money back guarantee

What I don't like

You have to do it all on your own, without a professional being there to guide you physically

It really takes time and effort. You need to put in the commitment

Only available online. No physical copy available


If you have made it to this point, you probably can see the value of this program clearly. 

Did you know how much it costs to hire a professional trainer? It usually starts from $50 per hour, and as you might well expect, you certainly won’t be using just one hour. 

The best part is that the Brain Training 4 Dogs program is available for only $47 through Reviews Mill, which is greatly discounted. I can’t guarantee you that this price will not increase in the future though. 


If you decide to get the program through Reviews Mill, you will also be receiving a copy of the Behavioural Training for Dogs, valued at $47. 

Even if you are not decided yet, you can still download a free ebook here that teaches you how to play the “airplane game” with your dog right now. 


After 2 months of using the strategies and techniques taught in the program, I have gained so much perspective about dogs, and not just about training them.

They are so unique and forms an important part of our lives, so obviously we want to do what’s best for them. 

I can tell you that the $47 I spent, no, invested, is the best $47 ever. 

I can see Ginny being a much happier dog these days, and there’s almost like a sparkle in her eyes. 

So that concludes my Braining for Dogs review. I hope it has helped you out and hopefully it will be able to help your doggy out too!