Buzzoid vs iDigic: Can They Grow Your Instagram Account?

As we go about looking into the various Instagram growth services out there, we have decided to create comparison articles to complement the reviews done on our site. In today’s post, we shall be taking a closer look at Buzzoid vs iDigic, lay out what they have to offer, and if they are worth pursuing as a means to grow on Instagram.

In this series, we will place our focus on the following categories:

  • Brand promise
  • Getting started
  • How they work
  • Key features
  • Support
  • Pricing
  • User reviews

Ready to get started? Let’s jump in.

1. Brand Promise and Who They Are

What is the main message or promise that each of these brands are trying to communicate to their clients? What do these companies actually do? How do they work?

Who is Buzzoid

As you navigate to Buzzoid’s website, the main message they have for you is that you can buy Instagram likes and followers with a very fast turnaround time, like minutes. You are able to do so with just a few clicks, not unlike what most of its competitors are promising too. 

They do have an interesting feature called Automatic Instagram Likes, in which their system can detect your new posts and these posts automatically get likes.

Who is iDigic

idigic review home page

iDigic has a similar headline/promise when you visit their site, but they take it up a notch with a claim that likes, followers, and views and delivered instantly. With an increase of followers, you will become an Instagram sensation overnight. This is obviously a romantic claim, so please don’t think that success is instant.

2. Getting started

We now look at how to get started using these two Instagram growth services.

Getting started with Buzzoid

At the time of writing, there is no free trial available to try out Buzzoid’s services. Not exactly a deal breaker though as their pricing is pretty accessible for most people or businesses. However, I discovered a link that says free likes which leads you to another website, Likezoid, which is software you can install on your computer that will give you free likes. I did not test that out. Certainly not going to install any software on my device.

All you need to do is decide which type of package you wish to purchase: either likes, followers, or video views. 

Once you have chosen the package you want, you will be brought to the pricing page, where you choose the quantity you need. The next step brings you to the checkout page where you decide if you wish to open an account or check out as a guest.

All you need to provide is your user name, make your payment, and voila, you will start to get what you purchase in the next 10 minutes.

Take note: Buzzoid does not require you to provide login details to your Instagram account.

Getting started with iDigic

I have to say that iDigic looks eeriely similar to Buzzoid, and honestly, to most other service providers out there. The key difference here is that they can deliver their services within seconds. 

They do have a trial service which allows you to try them out, but it is somewhat spotty. I tried on a few different occasions to sign up for one with my other business accounts but only once was it successful.

I did receive 10 new followers, but I can’t quite see the value or quality of these accounts. I also do not feel that they are real.

So what you do is choose the type of service you need: likes, followers, or views. You then select the quantity you need and then head to the check out page. 

All you need to do now is provide a user name and make payment, and now head to your Instagram account and watch your engagements increase. 

Take note: iDigic does not require you to provide login details to your Instagram account.

3. How they work

This section concerns the way these companies provide their services to you. Are they using bots, AI, or real human interaction? If you do not know, any fake traffic is not allowed by Instagram, including those from bots and fake accounts. Your account WILL be banned if discovered. Which is why, we at Reviews Mill do not recommend using any such services. Agencies that provide real human engagement is the way to grow in the long term organically. Check out our recommendations at the bottom of this post.

How does Buzzoid work?

As discussed above, Buzzoid is a service where they send you likes, followers, or views based on the package you purchase. As an example, you can buy up to 5,000 followers in one go. 

Does that make you wonder how they do that? And do you really want 5,000 new followers in minutes? That will ring some alarm bells.

It seems they have a “pool” of accounts which will be alerted to your account after you make a purchase, and these accounts will start following, liking, or viewing your posts.

Behind all these is the “technology” that makes all these automated for Buzzoid, which in my opinion seems fairly low level and likely to be bots.

Buzzoid does offer to fulfil the order in drip format, meaning your purchase will be delivered over time rather than immediately.

How does iDigic work?

iDigic works in a similar way to Buzzoid when it comes to choosing the packages and the way the service is delivered. 

The main difference is that iDigic can do it much faster. Not that this is better or worse, but it might be something you have to be concerned about. 

You really don’t want a flood of new engagements so quickly. That is just telling Instagram to watch your account. 

iDigic does offer to fulfil the order in drip format, meaning your purchase will be delivered over time rather than immediately.

4. Features

What are some of the things that stand out with these two Instagram growth services? Are they good or bad? Should you be using them?

Key features of Buzzoid

Here’s where I get quite uncomfortable with what Buzzoid is offering. One of the features is that you get to choose when buying followers, whether you want high quality followers or premium followers. 

High quality followers refer to account with profile photos but no uploads, while premium followers refer to people who are serious about their Instagram growth (I don’t even understand what that means), and there will be very little drop off.

All these tells me that the followers are simply not real. Whether they are fake accounts created by the company, stolen accounts, or just bots, I don’t know. Think about this, why would the accounts only have profile pic and nothing else?

There’s also an option with followers to use a Managed Growth Service, which links to Growthoid. This service is often promoted on other sites, but I have not looked deep into it yet.

Key features of iDigic

Remember I mentioned earlier that iDigic looks and feels eerily similar to Buzzoid? That’s because it is. 

If you browse through the services afforded by iDigic, you can tell that they are also a replica of Buzzoid. 

Looking at the “buy followers” service again, they too have two types of followers you can buy: High quality or Super quality followers. So the same thing as Buzzoid but wrapped differently. 

Again, I would be very concerned about the description in each of them, which suggests drop offs (it is actually normal, but should not be extreme) and auto refills.

5. Support

Buzzoid support

According to their website, Buzzoid provides 24/7 support, but this is limited to email support only. I emailed them with a general enquiry and they replied within an hour. Unfortunately, it is a cut and paste reply that does not answer my question at all, most likely from a bot.

They also have a FAQ section which attempts to answer most of the questions that clients might have. 

It is pretty basic but quite sufficient since the service they are selling is not exactly complicated. Unless you wish to know the inner workings, in which case you should reach out to them on their contact page.

iDigic support

iDigic offers 24/7 support and they have both an email option as well as a live chat option. This is pretty useful since you can reach out and ask any questions you might have immediately. 

I did speak to an operator before about a failed trial sign up. I was told that there was too much demand, but I highly doubt so. If you can’t even fulfil trials, how am I supposed to trust that my orders of hundreds or thousands will be fulfilled? 

6. Pricing

Buzzoid pricing

Buzzoid mainly offers purchase of likes, followers, and views. 

Here are the latest price plans (be sure to check on their site for updates):

  • Likes: starts from $1.47 for 50 likes, up to $88.99 for 10,000 likes. Includes free video views. 
  • Followers: starts from $2.97 for 100 followers, up to $39.99 for 5,000 followers. This is for “high-quality” followers. “Premium” followers will cost more.
  • Views: starts from $1.99 for 500 views, up to $74.99 for 50,000 views.

Custom pricing is available but you will need to contact them.

iDigic pricing

Similarly, you can opt to buy likes, followers, and views on iDigic. Here is the pricing:

  • Likes: starts from $2.95 for 100 likes, up to $69.95 for 10,000 likes. Includes free video views.
  • Followers: starts from $2.95 for 100 followers, up to $39.95 for 5,000 followers. This is only for “high-quality”. “Super-quality” will cost you more.
  • Views: starts from $1.95 for 100 views, up to $74.95 for 50,000 views.

Custom pricing is also available if you contact them.

7. User Reviews

It is good practice to check out product reviews before using them. In the case of Instagram growth services, I am looking out for companies that provide real human engagement for organic growth. This ensures compliance with Instagram terms of use and will not get my account banned. Mass review sites can sometimes be useful in finding out customer experiences.

Buzzoid user reviews

I find it pretty dubious that reviews on Buzzoid’s website is a full 5 star. That just doesn’t happen often isn’t it? Elsewhere on the web, we can look at sites like SiteJabber and TrustPilot. Here’s one from SiteJabber:

buzzoid review on sitejabber

There are a few positive reviews, but your guess is as good as mine if they are real. Check out this warning from Trustpilot (since taken down).

buzzoid warning on trustpilot

We have done an iDigic review, feel free to check it out.

Online, you can find reviews on SiteJabber. They have a rating of 1 star on there.

On TrustPilot, you can find more reviews and they have a rating of 4.3.

idigic ratings on sitejabber

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Buzzoid vs iDigic Verdict

In my opinion, I do not recommend either of these services if you intend to grow your Instagram account organically. Whether you are a blogger, business, or aspiring influencer, using a real human service beats automated services anytime.

Buzzoid and iDigic may appeal to you as they are easy to use and cheap, but it runs the risk of getting your account banned.

My recommendation is to use a service that understands your business or objectives, and in this sense, our top alternative is Instaforce. Check out our Instaforce review first if you are keen to learn more.