iDigic Review: Scam Alert Or Not?

In today’s post, we will be doing an iDigic review. If you are someone who is tring to grow their social following on Instagram, whether you are a vlogger, small business, or influencer, this is one of the largest platform to be seen on.

The trick is, how do you do it efficiently enough so that your account actually grows? With such a large platform and competitors, how do you move faster than them and stand out? That’s where Instagram growth services come in.

They are around for a simple reason: increase your followers, boost engagement, and ultimately bring your more revenue.

We take a closer look at iDigic, one of the popular service provider in the market currently to find out if they are legit or not. 

You will learn more about what they do, how they do it, and if they are indeed the best choice for you.

Let’s jump in.

iDigic Information and Summary


Pretty fast to see results, oftentimes within seconds of placing an order. But frequent drop offs are common



24/7 support with live chat on their website


Ban Risk Level

Quite risky for prolonged use as it seems to be using bots and many accounts are fake



Easy and straightforward to use. Only a few details needed to start



Flexible pricing, no contracts, starts from a few dollars


Overall Score

Good for people starting out and need a small boost. Not for long term as accounts are fake


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Why use a Third Party for Instagram marketing?

Whatever your reason is for trying to grow your Instagram account, it is important that you equip yourself with all the tools you can so that you can better analyse what’s going on. Which is why the first step that I recommend you take is to convert your account from Personal to Business right away.

This gives you the ability to access statistics that tell you how well each post has done, which informs you to create more similar posts, thus ensuring more and more growth.

So why use a third party for Instagram marketing? 

Here comes the not so fun part. With your account set up, you now need to start posting and engaging in order to grow your account. You need to look into the data to see what’s performing and create more of the same content.

When people start engaging on your page, you need to engage them too in order to grow your page. And do you know who to engage with?

There is quite a lot of work to put in, especially at the start, in order to grow your page. That is why outsourcing this job to a third party Instagram growth service makes sense. It is different from hiring an in house social media expert, which can easily run you several thousands each month. These services are much more affordable, making perfect sense for small operators.

What is the importance of instagram followers? Why do you need more followers?

Followers are very important to an Instagram profile. Without them, who is going to look at your products and services, who is going to share your amazing content, and who is going to buy them?

As you start seeing more and more followers on your account, you will also notice that the rate of growth increases. It’s a pretty simple logic. People follow popular things. If your account always has only 50 followers, how do you think that will compare with one that has 50,000?

As your account grows, the Instagram algorithm will also start paying more attention to you. This can lead to more (free!) exposure by appearing in the popular feeds. When that happens, you will see a large increase in your followers count.

What is iDigic?

idigic review home page

iDigic is one of the largest Instagram growth service in the market right now, and they claim that you can become an Instagram sensation overnight! But honestly, is this possible? Is iDigic trustworthy? Or is iDigic a scam?

On this platform, you can buy Instagram likes, followers, and views instantly after purchasing their service. According to them, these are high quality and real followers, which is the correct way to grow your Instagram account. But upon digging deeper, it does not seem to be the case in my opinion. I will reveal more in the sections below.

The nice thing is that they do offer a trial, after which then you decide if using one of the paid services is worth it. However, I personally don’t see a lot of value in free trials to be honest. It is easy for a company to give you the moon for 3 days and deliver something different once you sign up. We shall see if this is the case.

How Do iDigic’s Services Work?

You can either start with a trial or sign up for one of their packages right off the bat. 

Choose from 3 different services, namely buy followers, buy likes, or buy views. I never quite understood the point of buying views since it does not really help your account at all.

You will need to provide your Instagram account username, which is where the company will send the followers or likes to.

If you like speed of delivery, then you will like what iDigic does. They deliver very quickly, as fast as within 30 seconds of you placing your order. Take note that you do not get all the followers/likes right away, but rather in a drip manner. This is better as it is very suspicious to suddenly have hundreds or thousands of engagement so rapidly.

iDigic Free Trial

If you wish to jump straight in to try out iDigic, you can give it a go with their free trial service.

All you need is to provide your Instagram handle and your email address.

I do not see anywhere that asks you for your niche, which makes me wonder what kind of followers they sent me.

Upon signing up, it takes about 60 seconds to get validated.

Lo and behold! After the account gets verified, I was shown a message saying that the trial is unavailable at the moment.

Could be too high demand, so you may wish to try it out after reading this, but no guarantees it will work.

Features of iDigic

So let’s have a closer look at exactly what iDigic is promising with their services.

Buy Instagram Followers

This is their core offering, which is to allow you to buy Instagram Followers. All over the website, you will see that they claim to deliver real followers to your account almost instantaneously. If you poke around though, it is kind of hard to find any evidence that the followers are real. 

In fact, I was quite surprised to see a feature that actually exposes them. When you visit the package selection page for buying followers, you will see the options to buy either high quality or super quality followers. If you click on the explanation, it says that high quality followers are normal followers, with profile pictures and NO further uploads to their account. RED FLAG! 

The funniest thing is the next sentence, which says that super quality followers are real and look super good, and only some have uploads/posts on their accounts. 

And the most telling part: the drop rate is much lower compared to high quality followers. 

Ok, so can someone tell me, if followers are real, why would they drop off so easily? I can share with my own experience that I once had an account that was inactive for over 6 months and I only had less than 10% drop off!

Buy Instagram Likes

Next, you have an option to purchase likes to your posts.

Likes are good. They tell people that your post is popular and will grab more attention. If you want to boost the engagement of your individual posts, this is a service that you can consider.

Whether you get real people liking your posts or not is really unclear, but one thing for certain is that your post will look pretty good to regular folks.

Here, you can buy likes starting from 50, which you can actually split between multiple posts. That’s pretty good. 

Their claimed delivery speed is up to 5000+ likes per hour, which tells you that obviously there is bot involvement.

Buy Instagram Views

It is said that Instagram actually prefers views to likes when it comes to videos, but I am unsure if this statement is accurate. I personally don’t think so. It is more than likely it is a combination of both metrics.

That said, you can invest in buying some views for your video to boost its popularity. 

iDigic allows you to buy from minimum 100 views which can also be split between multiple videos.

Is iDigic worth using?

For me, I think that you need to consider which stage of your Instagram journey you are in. For a brand new starter to the platform, it is pretty difficult to grow your account quickly. Services like this that allows you to buy followers can give you a much needed spurt at the start, but they are definitely not worth pursuing as a long term strategy.

The quality of the followers you get is not great and can disappear rather quickly. Even though iDigic has an auto-refill feature, that just means refilling with more crap. 

Another problem I have is that they do not ask you for your niche. If they do not know who you are targeting, how can they send the right followers to you? If the quality of the followers is low, you will see massive drop offs and low engagement.

If you wish to use their service, do it as a one off and only at the start. If you get banned with a small amount of followers, it is not that difficult to restart and rebuild from here.

Is iDigic legit and safe?

What entails legitimacy? Are they really providing a real service? Yes, they are.

Are they providing real followers? I don’t think so.

In terms of safety, this is not a long term approach I would take to grow my Instagram account. Instagram has the ability to detect fake accounts and delete them. They can find out that if bots are being used, in which you will get shadowbanned.

Real followers may also start to wonder about the authenticity of your fake followers, which can drastically affect your reputation.

If you want a better approach, go with an agency that uses real human engagement. I recommend Instaforce.

What is iDigic Pricing?

As discussed earlier, iDigic offers 3 types of premium services. You may find more details about them here.

Here are the pricing for the “Buy Instagram Followers” plan:

  • 100 followers – $2.95
  • 250 followers – $4.95
  • 500 followers – $6.96
  • 1,000 followers – $12.95
  • 2,500 followers – $29.95
  • 5,000 followers – $39.95

Another option to consider is the “Buy Instagram Likes” plan:

  • 50 likes – $1.49
  • 100 likes – $2.95
  • 250 likes – $4.95
  • 500 likes – $6.95
  • 1,000 likes – $12.95
  • 2,500 likes – $29.95
  • 5,000 likes – $39.95

And lastly, if you wish to get more views to your Instagram videos, you can try out the “Buy Instagram Views” package:

100 views – $1.95

500 views – $2.95

1,000 views – $3.85

5,000 views – $14.95

10,000 views – $24.95

50,000 views – $74.95

iDigic review: Pros and Cons

Very easy to get started

Free trial available (but may not work, you need to test it out)

Straightforward plans and pricing. Cheaper than average.

Do not need to provide your Instagram password, which gives your account some security (however, most services that offer real engagements will require your password)

You can increase your following very quickly

Start to see results in as fast as 30 seconds

Budget friendly to get started

Live chat function on their site that provides 24/7 support

Secure payment gateway

Quite clear that they do not provide 100% real followers

Followers will drop off after some time, though we cannot be sure the percentage

There is a risk of being banned by Instagram, especially if you are too aggressive

Best Alternatives To iDigic

We at Reviews Mill believe that the best way to grow your Instagram account is through real human engagement, be it through an Instagram Management Service or a Social Media Management agency. 

Typically, we avoid using services that are known to use bots as they do not deliver much value in the long term. They are useful at the start for a small boost, but beyond that, organic growth is still the best method.

With that said, our top recommendations are Instaforce. 

Check out the ratings below and you can click through to the service provider homepage or check out our reviews.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about iDigic

Is iDigic safe?

Safe in the sense that they do not ask for your login details. This can be perceived as safety for some. But you should know that most real agencies will require your password in order to manage your account for you.

With regards to safety of your account, I cannot be certain, but I believe that it is ok to use this service for a brand new account. 

It does have a pretty good score on Trustpilot.

How long does delivery take?

idigic trustpilot reviews

After purchasing your desired plan, you still start to see followers in about 30 seconds. This can sometimes be delayed due to high demand, but generally it is 30 seconds.

Will I get refills if followers drop off?

According to the support team, you are entitled to refills within the first 30 days of your order, up to 10,000 refills. They say that they scan your account daily and perform automatic refills when any accounts drop off.

Does iDigic give you real followers?

You should not expect that 100% of your new followers will be real. From out testing and observation, some of them do not look like real accounts and they do drop off after some time.

If you want real sustainable followers, check out Instaforce, our top recommendation for Instagram Growth Services.

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In Conclusion

There is a good reason why Instagram has a user base of over a billion. Many individuals and businesses have grown and scaled on this platform, and so can you! But you need to do it the right way in order not to run into problems. 

Growing organically is the best way, and if you are looking for an Instagram Growth service to help you out, iDigic is a decent one to get you started. But for a longer term solution, I recommend that you check out Instaforce.

Good luck!