Lean Belly Breakthrough Review

Today, I will be sharing with you the Lean Belly Breakthrough Review, with the help of an old friend, Sally, who had been battling with weight loss since almost a decade ago.

Before I move on, you may want to check out the official website to either read more or watch the video presentation.

At the end of this review, you will learn the following:

  • What is the Lean Belly Breakthrough program about?
  • Who should use this program?
  • Who is Bruce Kahn, the creator of the program
  • What will you learn from the Lean Belly Breakthrough ebook?
  • The pros and cons of signing up for the program
  • The bonuses you will receive when you sign up through ReviewsMill
  • How much does the Lean Belly Breakthrough system cost?

What is the Lean Belly Breakthrough program about?

lean belly breakthrough review

Before you think, oh it is just another weight loss product, think again.

This program is unique as it makes use of natural weight loss methods to help you out, rather than pushing “special’ or “secret” medicines or drugs to help you achieve your goal of losing weight.

Instead, the program is designed to target specifically belly fat, and aims to reduce or remove dangerous illnesses associated with obesity, namely high blood pressure, diabetes, stroke and several others.

The method uses natural formulas, helping you to balance out your lifestyle and diet, with an eye on maintaining the weight loss for the long term. During our lifespan, we take in a high amount of toxins, due to our diet and other external factors. These causes a build up in the body and affects how we are able to control our weight.

By removing the harmful toxins in your body, you can start the process of getting rid of the stubborn belly fats.

At the core of the program is the revolutionary 2 minute ritual, which I will be detailing in a bit.

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By combining the workout plan and a well designed diet, you will be on track to hit your weight loss goals in no time.

As long as you stick to the prescribed formula, you will be able to continue living healthy and fat free days.

Look, our friend Sally had been likely going through what you are currently experiencing, and the Lean Belly Breakthrough program has changed her life for the better.

She has suffered for many years, trying to find a solution to her weight issues, even at times drifting into depression. It affected her lifestyle tremendously, not only to feel conscious about her physical being, but also unable to take part in many of her favourite outdoor activities such as jogging and hiking. Her weight took a toll on her body and caused her to be out of breath easily.

To find out how the program has helped turn things around for her, continue reading till the end.

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Who should use this program?

The program was designed to suit both men and women, but the effects will be more pronounced for people over the age of 40. The reason behind this is that younger folks generally can find more effective programs out there that are better suited to their age. More intense exercises can be performed by the younger group, hence the usual entry age here is 40.

Of course, if you are 40 and younger, you can still consider the program as it does not only focus on one aspect. The dieting section works well for anybody and is certainly worth looking into.

To use Sally as an example, she is 43 this year, a busy executive working long hours, and has no time to hit the gym at all. Not to mention she couldn’t last long on the treadmill either.

Why the program works for her is because it does not take up a huge amount of time, in fact, only minutes are required each day.

Who is Bruce Kahn?

bruce kahn creator of lean belly breakthrough

Bruce is the creator of the Lean Belly Breakthrough Program, and he is well known in fitness circles to be an experienced instructor as well as being an expert in nutrition. In total, he has over 15 years of knowledge behind him, and that allowed him to create this product, together with another expert, Dr Heinrick.

Some of his famous clients are household names, such as the wrestler Trish Stratus.

His background also includes being a successful entrepreneur, as the owner of an online personal training company.

Many have sought him out to speak at major events to share his intimate knowledge of fitness.

His personal story is one that can happen to any of us, be it directly or indirectly.

During a flight one day, his father in law was struck with a heart attack, but luckily, he survived.

Because of this life changing situation, he approached Dr Heinrick to develop a program to help people improve their well being, focusing on reducing weight to lower the chances of deadly diseases happening to anyone.

With the new program they created, Bruce’s father in law was able to lose 30 pounds of fats in a period of one month!

What will you learn from the Lean Belly Breakthrough ebook?

The program is delivered in an ebook format, which makes it easy to access by as many people as possible.

Not only does it teach you the ways to lose weight, but it shows you how you can keep those extra pounds off permanently.

One important tenet is the focus on education, where you pick up knowledge about the way your body processes food, the reactions it goes through during weight loss and so much more related information.

Let’s have a look at what you will be receiving right after your sign up:

  • The main manual (Lean Belly Breakthrough pdf)
  • Worksheets to help you with tracking your progress
  • List of food that can help to boost your libido (helps improve your sex life)
  • Types of desserts that you can eat and help burn fat
  • Fat Loss Guide
  • Understanding body fats and hormones
  • 2 minute belly fat melting rituals
  • Recipes and meal plans to boost metabolism
  • Videos to accompany the ebook

By putting together the simple to follow diet plans and the 2 minute workout ritual, you are effectively executing the program.

As you probably know, to have a better chance of losing weight, you will need to watch not just your diet, but also put in the effort to do some exercises. That’s the beauty of the program, where it gives you directions on how to do both.

– Without giving away the contents of the entire program, I have made a short summary here:

– What are the types of good food that you should be eating more of? These foods will set the right stage for your body to undergo the transformation to a slimmer body. You will learn about certain types of herbs and spices that have often been overlooked by most people, but in actual fact, possess tons of hormone boosting qualities to increase your metabolism.

– What are the nasty foods that you should avoid at all costs? These group of food contains unnecessary ingredients that inhibit your body’s ability to digest and metabolize.

– Not all diets are boring and yucky. You will find out some surprising desserts that you can eat without feeling guilty. In fact, they are low in fat and sugar, so even if you are suffering from a diabetic condition, you can continue to enjoy them.

– Information about how you can increase your metabolism even during your sleep. Yes, your body continues to burn fat even during snooze time.

– Learn not only about getting rid of belly fat, but also other problem areas including your thighs and underarms

– Symptoms of some of the deadliest diseases connected to being overweight and how to prevent them

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The pros and cons of signing up for the program


  • Tackles the problem head on
  • Very easy to follow along
  • Takes up so little of your time, the 2 minute ritual is a godsend
  • Meals are relatively simple to prepare. You do not need to be Gordon Ramsey
  • Created by experienced professionals
  • Suitable for most people (both genders)
  • All natural methods
  • Improves physical health and build confidence in you
  • You will gain a healthy and reliable routine, one of the most important takeaways of this program
  • 60 day money back guarantee, shows the amount of trust the creators have in their product


  • You will need to be committed to make this work
  • No physical book available

The bonuses you will receive when you sign up through ReviewsMill

I have actually revealed them earlier, but I will share them here again:

  • Tracking Sheet
  • Emergency Fat Loss Guide
  • Fat Burning
  • Body Fat and Hormone Guide
  • Recipes and Metabolism Boosting Meal Plan
  • Libido Boosting Food

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How much does the Lean Belly Breakthrough system cost?

If you decide to sign up for the program, you will get instant access to all the material that I have mentioned in this review. The usual price is $297, and you can find it elsewhere online for $37.

However, I have gotten a special deal for you at only $27. The trick to getting this price is to click on the link below to access the checkout page. You then attempt to leave the page, which will prompt a popup window that gives you an extra $10. 

This only works if you are using a desktop computer or laptop.

lean belly breakthrough ebooks

Lean Belly Breakthrough Review: Conclusion

So, what happened to Sally? I am pleased to share that after two months, she has gone through a massive loss of weight, dropping down from 220 pounds to a healthy 170 pounds. She now commits to the regular routine of Lean Belly Breakthrough, and has influenced her mother to try the same too. 

Shedding 50 pounds in 2 months is no small achievement, and it is in no small part due to the dedicated implementation of the program. 

The program works, but I can tell you it takes hard work. 

Hopefully, this Lean Belly Breakthrough Review can help you to make the right decision and save you some hard earned money. 

Sometimes it is funny. Even a 5 minute a day task can be very difficult to carry out, simply because it is not a usual part of our lives. But once it catches on, it is here to stay. 

My advice is to try this out and judge for yourself the results. There is nothing to lose, since the purchase is protected by a generous money back guarantee. The only side effect here is you leading a healthier lifestyle.

Get my discounted Lean Belly Breakthrough program now!


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