Magnetic Messaging Review: Crazy Good?

Magnetic Messaging Review: Crazy Good?

Not sure how to attract women, or how to text a girl or even build a relationship with the other gender? 

The truth is there are lots of solutions in the market out there today, but as you might expect, many of them are scams and simply do not work. They promise you the sky, but right after taking your money, they disappear and your hard earned cash is down the drain. 

Now, let’s look at the issue at hand a bit more closely. Why are you struggling to pick up woman or simply to talk to girls? Do you think it is down to your confidence level or you just don’t know how? 

Today’s Magnetic Messaging review aims to help you with a solution that is modern and lets you ease into the dating game easily. Dating tips from magazines are passe. Read on to find out how you can attract women, improve your sex life and be the alpha male.

Product information and Summary


You can put what you learn into action immediately and see some results



Relatively easy to follow, with many specific examples to use



Very well priced at $47, attractive bonuses and backed by guarantee



Good value for money, and access to forum is excellent


Magnetic Messaging Free Ebook

Before you go on, I am giving you a free ebook that you won’t be getting elsewhere. It is pretty useful on its own, and will be put into greater effect if used with the Magnetic Messaging program. Get yours now!

What is Magnetic Messaging?

Magnetic Messaging is a program that teaches you the art of communication, making full use of your mobile phone. It shares tips that works well, so that you will have a chance to follow up with the lady you met, rather than not getting any response the next day you text her after getting her number. 


In it, you will get actual and specific examples of texts you can send, based on in depth research done by 2 dating experts. This program has become very successful due to its effectiveness, so if this is the first time you are reading about it, you have no idea what you are missing out.

There’s a ton of information contained in the program, but in general, here is what you will mainly be learning: 

  1. Ready to use templates for text messages
  2. In depth video tutorials to show you how to execute
  3. Access to an online community that allows you to learn from other experts or people who have been successful using Magnetic Messaging

How does it work?

The main driving force of the program is the “Key Lock Sequence”, which revolves around the 3 step messaging technique to get the attention of any woman. The analogy is akin to using a key, where you ‘push’ the key into the lock and turn it so that it unlocks. 

Let me dive deeper into the 3 steps here:

Step 1: Sparking an emotion, The dough of phone use

To be successful in anything you do, you need to be put in emotions and passion. This is the key to the first step, by injecting emotions into the chase. You have managed to spark an emotion in her by getting her to share her number, and you need to continue doing so with a text.

By using humour and flirting, you will achieve this goal. The underlying thing you must remember here is: If you can get her to feel an emotion, you can capture her attention. You don’t want to be just another guy with a boring message. 

Here is an example text: Do you like piña coladas and/or getting caught in the rain?


Step 2: Making connections, adding some sauce

In this step, you need to establish some kind of connection with the lady, otherwise she will just see you as just another guy trying to get into her pants. Without building a positive connection, you will not be able to continue seeing her. 

Quickly develop a common interest, a joke, or very simply, a nickname that sticks. This is a great way to connect with her and make yourself stand out.

The trick here is not to overdo it, as you want to be able to build on it later when you meet. 

Here is an example text: Still smarting from the billiards beatdown, Mercy is not your new nickname!

Step 3: Handling logistics, the cheese on top

Now is the time for you two to meet up, but before that happens, you may have to handle ‘logistics’ such as the place and time, or worse, fending off last minute excuses. You need to set her up to be excited to meet you in person.

Be very clear that this is your objective with the text game. If you can’t meet her, this whole thing fails. You should also know that rejections are part of it and you should look at them as just road bumps, and there is never a moment too soon to be asking her out. 

Here is an example text: My thumb muscles are getting sore. How about we talk in person tonight?

As soon as you understand the Key Lock Sequence, you will move on to learn about the Phases of Text-ship. Essentially, there are 3 main phases:

  1. Pre-dating
  2. You are sort of dating her (first couple of dates)
  3. You are dating her (fifth and more, and things are becoming more serious)

Each of these phases requires you to text differently, and the techniques are well covered in the book. 

By using the Key Lock Sequence and adjusting your texts to the 3 phases, you will definitely improve your chances of scoring greatly!


Benefits of the program

By now it should be pretty clear to you what you can get out of the Magnetic Messaging ebook. Not only does it help you to build up confidence, it gives you a chance at nabbing the girl that you always wanted. 

Think about it, how much would would it be worth to you turning a phone number into having her in bed with you? 

Who created Magnetic Messaging?

In most cases, you will likely not know who the authors are. But in this case, the creators of the program are 2 highly respected members of the PUA (pick up artist) community, Bobby Rio and Rob Judge. 


They each have impressive accolades, and have teamed up several times to create effective programs such as this to help men to attract woman instantly, share their online dating tips and flirting with women. 

Rob is the owner of Date Hotter Girls as well as contribute to TSBMagazine, a lifestyle publication that cover dating for men. Together with Bobby, they have also created a wildly successful program known as Unlock Her Legs: The Scrambler, which you should definitely check out as well. 

What will you be getting in the program?

Once you have joined the program, you will immediately get access to the informative ebook, Magnetic Messaging. It contains 191 pages of actionable strategies that you can implement the moment you start. While I do think it is a bit too long, but the content is great and well designed. It was easy to read and take some notes at the same time so it didn’t feel like almost 200 pages long. 

Another great thing I like is that you get access to a private forum of like minded guys. They openly discuss their situations and the 2 authors actually take the time to reply to some of them. The forum is pretty active, and in fact as I am writing this, I can see that within the last 24 hours, there were 7 new threads started. 

Product review: Pros and Cons

Very well thought out content that is easy to understand, follow and execute

Many different situations covered with solutions in place; likely that you will find one that you are in as there are many specific examples

Helps you to build your confidence and improve your self esteem

Learn more about the psychological part of the dating game and have a better understanding of women in general

Stop making mistakes while texting!

Techniques covered apply to all phases of courtship, not just pre-dating

Anyone can try this out, as long as you can read English

Set at an affordable price, allowing most people to access it easily

Results can be produced relatively fast, and in this case in almost right away

Lots of great bonuses to enhance the value

60 day Money back guarantee

May come across as crude or offensive to some

Mostly focused on the early stages of your relationship, but not much on what you should do when face to face

Content is quite long, so it will take time to finish reading

Need more examples on the sexting section!

Product Testimonials

“The book is DYNAMITE. I texted a couple girls I hadn’t heard from in awhile, and I wasn’t too sure what to expect. 3 dates set up, and I only have 3 free days in the next two weeks!
Sam H
“Hey Rob I just wanted to say that this is amazing. I realized that everything I have been texting girls was wrong. I didn’t think texting was that big of a deal. But I see it in whole new way! And you know that dream girl I was telling you about we are gonna meet up on Friday! I thought that she was never gonna talk to me ever again. This book is BRILLIANT!!”
Kevin N

What is the pricing of Magnetic Messaging?

The pricing of the Magnetic Messaging program is set at only $47. This includes access to the program itself, videos and the private forum. Check out the bonuses you can get if you sign up through Reviews Mill today just down below.

Free Bonuses

The Magnetic Messaging program is further bolstered by 3 excellent free bonuses. I am very sure their value is way more than the $47 charged in this program itself.

Bonus 1

The Infatuation Formula: complete training videos for getting a woman to fall completely in love with you. This is our most advanced course ever.

Bonus 2

The 99 Best Texts of All Time: This book is filled with 99 of the most potent, and powerful texts of all time. These have all been tested extensively and are proven to work. These texts cover dozens of potential situations.

Bonus 3

Rejection Proof This one hour video will completely eliminate your fear of getting rejected and get excited about meeting more women. (this bonus is optional)


The sales page has done a good job of attracting potential customers by saying you can get the girl you want with 3 simple texts. However, that is not exactly accurate as you certainly need to put in a bit more work than that.

Having said that, the exact steps and text messages you can use are all well covered in the program, so you will not be lost in your journey of finding a girl you like. The content is really in depth and informative, so I would highly recommend that you try it out for yourself.

If you have made it to this point, or simply skip to the bottom, here’s what I will tell you. 

I don’t think you are really here to read a review, but rather you need a small push to take action. The thing is, you can click the back button and obviously nothing is going to happen in the next 60 days or more. But you can also sign up for the program for 60 days risk free, and put the information you learn into action. 

The choice is yours, so make the right one now!