Manifestation Magic Review: Will it make you Rich?

Today, I will be covering the Manifestation Magic review and go in depth about what the program is about, the features, the pricing and the pros and cons.

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Here’s a thought. You go to sleep one night, going about your regular business and routines, and when you wake up the next morning, you discover that whatever you have wanted has manifested into reality.

Frankly, this sounds more like nonsense or make belief, but I was curious to find out why the creator of Manifestation Magic System could make this claim.

You see, lots of us have placed a limit on our mental capacity.

We want to be rich and successful, but yet we allow our minds to dictate our actions, frequently holding us back from taking the right actions we need to progress.

Add that to a huge list of outside factors giving you stress, like the pitiful salary you receive, the ever growing bills, the coworker who likes to passively insult you, you find yourself in a rut that you think you can never get out of.

Believe it or not, there are solutions out there which can help you, but the first step is to remove the skepticism in your mind, and you might just find yourself staring at a very different reality soon, a reality you have always wanted.

When I tried out Manifestation Magic, I chose to use it with an open mind, and the results were quite surprising.

What is Manifestation Magic?

Essentially, Manifestation Magic is an online program created by Alexander J Wilson that teaches you about the law of attraction, and the core principle behind it is known as Energy Orbiting.

Within it, you will find both reading materials and audio recordings to provide you with the right training.

It makes use of sound waves technology that aims to rewire your brain, so that you are able to manifest what you desire.

The aim of the course is to let you master the laws of attraction, and in turn you learn how to attract money and wealth.

During the course of the program, you pick up knowledge about balancing, maintaining and healing energies that can influence other people’s lives, which in turn leads to positive results for you.

For me, the main key thing about this program is the knowledge about well being, and how it also helps you and your family and loved ones.

It is not just about money, so if you think this is a get rich quick scheme, you can actually stop reading now.

Manifestation Magic contains hidden Neuro Linguistics Programming (NLP) commands which act as seeds to plant in your subconscious mind.

While NLP is a big word, it is actually an important subject being taught in all the top schools for psychotherapy and hypnosis.

It teaches us to program out mind, especially the subconscious.

How you can achieve that with Manifestation Magic is by listening to the audio soundtracks just before you sleep.

This method is non intrusive, and can easily become part of your sleep routine.

Manifestation Magic contains the best of brainwave entrainment, which trains the brain to operate at a higher frequency and is built around the Solfeggio scales, tones that will heal you and help you manifest miracles in your life.

Who is Alexander J Wilson?

Alexander Wilson is the creator of the Manifestation Magic program, and is best known for being a spiritual teacher and is highly experienced in his field of work.

He has a Masters in Psychology, and has become a leading expert in the Law of Attraction.

Over the years, he has written extensively about the subject, and has become a spiritual guide for many others.

However, before he became the expert that he is today, he went through a series of unfortunate events, being broke and even involved in a car accident.

All of these bad luck culminated into him picking himself up and embarking on a journey of self healing, thus enabling him to create Manifestation Magi.

What will you learn from Manifestation Magic?

The way Manifestation Magic works is that it is specifically designed for people who are do not know of energies and powers that are within themselves.

Through the program, you will learn how to develop a stronger purpose in life and learn how to set priorities the right way.

It is pretty interesting, as the whole system is based on frequencies and vibrations.

These frequencies and vibrations differ from an object to another, and they determine whether these objects attracts one another or simply repel each other.

I like that this is in fact backed up by science, which states that there are tiny particles present in all things that have a frequency.

So for Manifestation Magic, it takes it up a notch by saying that even feelings have the same kind of frequency, and in fact categorises bad and good events into low and high frequencies.

And by increasing your frequency, you gain the ability to attract more positive things in your life, such as money and people.

While there is an ebook that comes along with it, the main thing about the program is the audio recordings.

It is supposed to be as simple as just plugging them in and press play, which will start the process of Brain Entrainment.

You may think of it like hypnosis, but not using visual methods.

Listening to the audio tracks will help to clear out any restrictive thoughts that is present in your mind.

According to Alexander, there are 2 factors why you have issues manifesting what you want:

Firstly, you are striving to maintain a high vibration, and staying actively charged for extended periods, leading to burnout

Secondly, you get caught up in your own negative programming and limiting expectations.

Alex believes this is the key to obtaining your dreams come true.

Let’s jump into the contents of the program right now.

Contents of Manifestation Magic

Quick start guide

This is a 60 page ebook that is divided into 2 sections, and you can read this your own mobile device or any ebook reader.

Part 1

  • Explanation of how the program works.
  • What is each audio track about, when you should listen to them, how often you should listen and how all these sounds will be able to help you.

Part 2

  • Alexander’s manifestation guide, how to be more precise about the things you want, techniques on how you can visualize them, how you can overcome obstacles
  • “The Cosmic Order Form”, where you should treat as a worksheet, filling in all the things that you desire, the reasons behind doing so, things that you are grateful for and many more. This is an important step to help you visualise.

Audio recordings

  • Twilight Transformation (20 mins) – Delta Audio – Making use of Delta brainwaves, which are low-frequency waves such as a drum beat, cause deep unconscious programming and relaxation. By listening to these waves, your body and mind will heal and regenerate. Make it a nightly routine to listen to, whether it is before or during your sleeping hours, and make sure to put it on repeat. What happens is that during your sleep, these frequencies and vibrations will remove any negative or restrictive thoughts you have. This is in my opinion the most important track, without which you cannot progress along.
  • Daytime Wealth Activator (20 mins) – Beta Audio – Beta brainwaves are prominent when you are active, so you can turn this on during the day, and it helps you to focus and make your mind more sharp in things that you are doing.
  • 10 Minute Meditator Part 1 & 2 (10 mins each) – Theta Audio – Theta brainwaves occur just before falling asleep and also when you start to wake up. It is useful as a audio accompaniment to meditating, and in fact it is thought that 8 minutes of theta waves equates to an hour of mediation.

Manifestation Magic Review: Pros and cons


  • There is an in depth guide that comes along with the audio tracks which helps you get started
  • You do not actually have to read the entire book, which is really useful for people who are short on time or always on the go
  • Possible to complete the course in 24 hours, but results will take time to show
  • Useful worksheets to help you get organised and chart your progress
  • Benefits you get are not exclusive to just money, but also your relationships with loved ones
  • Easy to follow, well guided instructions
  • 60 day money back guarantee


  • The methods are quite unconventional, so it may not suit everyone
  • If you are a visual learner, this might not work so well as the focus is on audio recordings. But as I mentioned earlier, the ebook itself is not as important as the audio.
  • This is not a get rich quick scheme!

Manifestation Magic Testimonials

There are lots of them going around the internet, but I will just share one here.

What is the pricing of Manifestation Magic?

The Manifestation Magic program costs $47, but if you want to save some serious cash, you should use this trick.

Use a desktop computer to access the checkout page, and attempt to leave the page, which you will then see a popup that offers you $27.

Be sure to take advantage of this as soon as you can, as I have no idea when the creator will remove this special deal.

Bonuses of Manifestation Magic

By going through Reviews Mill to purchase the program, you get instant access to some cool bonuses too.

The Chakra Power System

You will get 7 audio recordings, each one up to 10 minutes long. How you can benefit from this:

  • Get rid of fears that you have about receiving money
  • Eliminate feelings of disempowerment
  • Lose feelings of unworthiness
  • Eliminate confusion in regard to what your purpose or mission in life is

This system will take seven weeks to complete.

The 360 Transformation System

7 more tracks that will help you better make use of Energy Orbiting.

The tracks will play:

  • Health awakening audio track
  • Wealth awakening audio track
  • Whispering waves audio track

The Push Play Audio App (I love this, so useful!)

Mobile app that you can access all the audio tracks


I am genuinely surprised about the contents of the system, and I hope that this Manifestation Magic review has turned out useful for you.

While it has not made me richer, but in reality it has done so in many other ways.

Being rich mentally is an important aspect of living a better life, and I believe that Manifestation Magic will help you to achieve that goal.

Honestly, the rest is up to you, how you use the new found positive energy to get to your desires.

You will need to have an open mind, and if you really want some change in your life, you definitely should not hesitate any longer.

The offer now is at a really attractive price and since it is backed by a money back guarantee, there really is not any risk to you.