Mr Insta Review: Must Read Before You Use It

In today’s post, we will be doing a Mr Insta review. Beginner blogger, aspiring influencer, new business. If you are someone who is starting out or been trying to grow your Instagram channel, you might have come across Instagram Growth Services such as Mr Insta. These services exist to help you as a content creator grow your account and get more likes and followers.

Mr Insta is one of those tools that claims that they can help you to grow quickly and easily, and in this review, we will be taking a closer look at their service and check out if they are legit or not.

At the end of this post, I hope you will have a better understanding of how Instagram marketing works, features, pros and cons, and pricing of Mr Insta, and be able to make an informed decision about which Instagram Growth Service to choose.

Mr Insta Information and Summary


Pretty fast to see results, oftentimes within minutes of placing an order



24/7 support but only via email, no live chat.


Ban Risk Level

Quite risky for prolonged use as there is a presence of bots



Easy and straightforward to use. Only a few details needed to start



Flexible pricing, no contracts, starts from a few dollars


Overall Score

Good for people starting out and need a small boost. Not for long term as it seems bots are used


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Why use a Third Party for Instagram marketing?

Creating a strategic marketing plan can be difficult at first, so to make things easier for yourself, it is essential that you first change your Instagram account from a personal profile to a business account.

Don’t forget to connect the account to your Facebook if you have one or set up a Business Page on Facebook for it.

This will allow you to not only create better content, but also attract more prospects with an aesthetically presentable brand page. You will also gain access to statistics that can help you in determining which type of content is performing well and which ones are getting the most engagements.

Second, research the people that will be interested in what you offer and come up with unique, interesting content that is tailored specifically toward that audience and their preferences. 

Third, create quality content by using images of high resolution quality (at least 1080 pixels tall) and make sure each image has text included which contains content relevant and appropriate for each specific image of yours.

You need to know your target audience in order to create unique and interesting content for that audience. 

You need to create quality content that is smart and engaging. Your profile image and content images need to be clear and of high quality. Grammar and spelling matter.

You need to know the right times to post or share IG content, whether that be images or videos. For instance, what are the most common times that most of your target audience is on Instagram.

You need to engage with others in the form of following, liking, commenting, direct messaging, watching videos, interacting with users that share your interests, and other similar engagements that help get your content seen.

These are just some of the factors to consider for your Instagram strategic marketing plan. 

Sounds like a lot? Yes, it can be overwhelming very quickly if you want to be successful on Instagram, but it does come with substantial rewards once you grow your account. These reasons also highlight the need for some people to want to make use of third party Instagram growth services to offload some of the work involved.

What is the importance of instagram followers? Why do you need more followers?

It’s no secret that followers are what drives your overall success on Instagram. They tell you how popular you and your products are, and in return it helps you to attract more followers. Think about it this way, do you think an account with 50 followers will grow faster or an account with 50,000 followers? You get the point.

It’s not only a measurement of popularity but also a metric that Instagram’s algorithm uses to place your post in front of relevant and popular users onto whom it’s hoping you will connect. The more loyal followers you have, the higher your rank on the algorithm meaning that there are better chances for others like your competitors or people with similar interests to see what you’re posting before their own content pops up. Getting a high ranking means you can get premium placement and get more likes.

What is Mr Insta?

Mr Insta is a marketing company that makes use of technology to help you grow your social media accounts such as Instagram, YouTube, Twitch, Pinterest, SoundCloud, Spotify, and Twitter.

With regards to Instagram growth service, they have a free account that can help you gain followers every 48 hours. More details in the next section.

You can also sign up for their premium services which allows you to buy things like extra followers, popular hashtags, and IGTV likes among many others.

Their claim is that they can deliver you real followers as opposed to fake followers that are likely bots. 

In my opinion though, I think it is fairly likely that at least part of their services are delivered by bots.

Mr Insta Free Instagram Followers plan

The free plan that Mr Insta offers is known as Free Instagram Followers Plan. After signing up, you are required to activate the plan and follow 10 accounts, after which you will receive 25 followers. 

After 48 hours, you can repeat the same steps to receive the same amount of followers and likes, but as you can imagine, that can be quite time consuming and 300 followers in a months is not exactly stellar. 

But hey, this is just a free plan, so it can help you out at the start of your Instagram growth journey. Sign up here.

Mr Insta Premium Services

If you want to accelerate your progress, that’s where you can consider using Mr Insta’s premium services. Here’s a snapshot.

mr insta premium instagram growth services

There are quite number of services available, but most notable is the ability to buy followers.

When you have more followers in your Instagram account, you instantly get more credibility and recognition to your profile.

As a result, you will also start to see more organic growth Instagram is more likely to promote your account either as a Top post or Featured account.

Other services that you can explore with Mr. Insta are the ability to buy likes, comments, views, impressions and many more.

Features of Mr Insta Premium Services

We tested out a few of the Mr Insta Premium Services with our other business accounts and here are some of our feedback and opinions.

Audience Targeting

Although you want to grow your Instagram account to have lots of followers, it is more important that these followers are the ones your product or service is targeting. 

You certainly do not want a bunch of male sports fans following your women’s cosmetics account right?

That said, Mr Insta does offer some sort of filter ability to narrow down the type of audience they should go after.

Likes and Followers

After some research and testing with our other business accounts, Mr Insta indeed delivers likes and followers to our accounts.

The big question though, are they coming from bots? Our verdict is that most of the followers are real and they do stick around, but we have also seen many drop off or disappear after a short period of time, indication that some fake accounts might be in use.

I tried clarifying with their support team, and their response seems to suggest that only the Automatic Instagram Followers Plan is 100% real human engagement, so if you want to be safe, this should be the plan you go for.

Try it out here.

Views and Comments

In my opinion, getting a ton of views is probably useless, unless they are engaging with your account and turning into likes and follows. The engagement rate from this service does not seem to do that.

As for comments, they seem to be pretty standard type which does not really add a lot of value to our account. I would probably not use this service again. 

Is Mr Insta worth using?

The answer to this question really depends on your needs. 

Let’s start with some facts.

From our investigation, we are pretty sure that you will be getting a mixture of real and fake followers (except the Automatic Instagram Followers Plan), which means that some of them will drop off after some time.

The free follower plan is pretty insufficient to really make any impact to growing your account, so it is likely you will have to consider using the premium service instead.

Let’s imagine this. If you are starting out and do not have many followers, and you purchase a package that gives you 10,000 followers, and you still end up with 5,000 after some drop off. What kind of impact would that do for you? It is still pretty tremendous and can certainly be a positive boost for your account. 

You need to decide if that is worth it based on where your account is and you should definitely not rely just on this service to grow. You need to use other methods to improve your organic reach as well.

Is Mr Insta legit and safe?

To be fair, Instagram does not condone the use of fake accounts, but I would venture to say that there is no 100% way for them to know for sure which accounts are doing that. 

If you wish to use a service like Mr Insta, I would not recommend immediately purchasing 10-20k followers right off the bat. It will simply sound alarm bells and get your account banned. 

As I said, you should be looking at this service as a temporary boost. Once your account has a respectable number of followers, organic growth is the way to go, or engaging services that uses real human management.

What is Mr Insta Pricing?

As discussed earlier, My Insta offers a number of premium services on top of the free plan they offer. 

Here are the pricing for the “Buy Instagram Followers” plan:

  • 250 followers – $10
  • 500 followers – $25
  • 1,000 followers – $40
  • 2,000 followers – $60
  • 5,000 followers – $110
  • 10,000 followers – $190
price for buying instagram followers mr insta

They also have another plan that might be safer to use for steady daily growth, the “Buy Automatic Instagram Followers” plan:

  • 15 followers per day – $20/month
  • 30 followers per day – $40/month
  • 60 followers per day – $80/month
The support team has shared with me that this method focuses on 100% real followers growth.
buy automatic instagram followers plan mr insta

And one more service that might be worth trying and probably safest is buying likes.

This service is very low cost and low risk in my opinion.

The pricing for the “Buy Instagram Likes” starts from $6 for 100 likes, up to $179 for 50,000 (!) likes. The most popular one is 1,000 likes for only $25. 

We don’t think the other plans are really worth buying, but you can always check them out and decide for yourself.

Mr Insta review: Pros and Cons

Very easy to get started

Can start trying out for free with their Free Instagram Followers plan

Lots of upgrade options

Do not need to provide your Instagram password, which gives your account some security (however, most services that offer real engagements will require your password)

You will get some real likes and followers that can give a new account a major boost

Start to see results in 24-72 hours

Excellent user reviews on SiteJabber

Budget friendly to get started

Secure payment gateway

No clear indication how they deliver the results to you: are they real followers or bots? 

Followers will drop off after some time, though we cannot be sure the percentage

There is a risk of being banned by Instagram, especially if you are too aggressive

There is a risk of being banned by Instagram, especially if you are too aggressive

Although they indicate 24/7 support, it is through email rather than live chat. Emails sometimes get delayed responses

Best Alternatives To Mr Insta

We at Reviews Mill believe that the best way to grow your Instagram account is through real human engagement, be it through an Instagram Management Service or a Social Media Management agency. 

Typically, we avoid using services that are known to use bots as they do not deliver much value in the long term. They are useful at the start for a small boost, but beyond that, organic growth is still the best method.

With that said, our top recommendations are Instaforce. 

Check out the ratings below and you can click through to the service provider homepage or check out our review.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about Mr Insta

Is Mr Insta really free?

Yes, Mr Insta does offer a free account that sort of lets you test out their premium service of buying Instagram Followers. All you need to do is sign up, provide your details, and you will start getting new followers.

How long does delivery take?

You can expect to start seeing engagements typically within a few minutes of starting the service, and they take up to 72 hours for it to complete. You can also fin out the status with the support team if you find any delays.

Is Mr Insta real?

We certainly think so, after trying it out on a few of our business accounts. There are also a few thousand reviews on sites such as SiteJabber and TrustPilot.

mr insta sitejabber review score

Does Mr Insta give you real followers?

You should not expect that 100% of your new followers will be real. From out testing and observation, some of them do not look like real accounts and they do drop off after some time.

If you want real sustainable followers, check out Instaforce, our top recommendation for Instagram Growth Services.

How do I get more likes and followers?

If you are using Mr Insta, you can either try out the free plan or sign up for one of their premium services where you can buy followers, likes, comments, and several other services.

How do I delete my Mr Insta account?

All you need to do is log into your account, navigate to the Members area, and cancel your subscription. I will also recommend that you email the support team to completely remove your account too.

Free Bonuses: No Purchase Required

Bonus 1

Instagram Post Templates

  • Beautiful and customizable templates you can use to post on your account

Bonus 2

Instagram Content Calendar

  • Day by day plan to keep your content publishing on point

Bonus 3

Instagram Story Highlights Icons

  • Set of 100 titles to draw more attention to your account

In Conclusion

Marketing on Instagram can indeed reap huge rewards for your business owner, and you should definitely consider using it as one of your top channels to promote your products and services.

With a small budget, you can outsource your Instagram growth strategy and focus your efforts in running your business.

When you are doing your research, always aim to use a service that uses real human engagement. You will usually be assigned an account manager who will guide and assist you. Bots are frowned upon by Instagram, and in our opinion should be avoided for the long run.

Mr Insta does have a free account for you to test out, and often has a discount coupon to get you started on their premium paid plans. If you do intend to give it a shot, click below to get started.