Semrush Overview and Introduction

As you dip your toes into the world of SEO, you need a partner that can help you along.

Semrush is one of those tools that we used across a number of our sites, and it is has helped us tremendously.

What exactly is SEMrush then? What can it do to your help your online business?

Stay tuned to find out more.

What is Semrush?

There are many tools created that can help online marketers with their businesses and Semrush is one of the best to do so.

They are an all in one set of tools that aims to help you with keyword research, spy on competitors, and acquire backlinks easily. Beyond that, the tool also allows you to create compelling content with their Content Marketing tool that helps you to research topics and put them into a great piece of article.

Besides that, you can run an SEO audit with the tool and find out the problems that could be impeding your site’s progress and fix them quickly.

Another feature that helped us greatly is running PPC ads. Semrush provides us with lots of useful data such as CPC rates, tracking, and the best keywords to target.

How to get started using Semrush?

Now that you know what Semrush can do, I wish to show you the top feature that we use and how it can help you in your business.

Keyword research

Before writing any article, it is important to kick off with keyword research. Without going through this step, you will simply be writing blindly, and no matter how good your article is, no one will read it if it does not show up in people’s radars.

So how does it work then? Let’s use an example to illustrate.

Assuming that you wish to start a niche site in the automotive space.

Keyword research will allow you to find low competition topics that you can begin with, since you can’t realistically expect to outrank the big boys right away.

What you can do is to key in a seed keyword in the Semrush Keyword Research Tool. In this case, I will use “automotive” and run a search.

The Keyword Overview section will show you overall information about the keyword, including information such as competitiveness, search volume, the top 10 SERP results, and much more.

From here, I would jump into keyword variations, which you can see that there are over half a million of them. Time to cut that down into something you can work with easily.

This brings you into the Keyword Magic Tool, which is my favorite feature of all. This is where the work begins and you can dig deeper to find the easiest keyword to rank for.

My personal method is to filter by “Questions”, set volume to “0-100”, add additional filters to have phrases with 6 or more words, and sort the keyword difficulty from easiest to hardest. This will let me find long-tail keywords that can give me a higher chance to rank.

We are now left with just over 1000 results, a lot more manageable than when we started.

Next, I would use add another parameter in the “include keywords” filter and use modifiers such as the words how, what, and why. This is a great way to find question keywords that are often not covered well.

We are not left with just over 400 results and I’m sure we can pick out a few gems.

Once you find a few keywords that you want to start off with, analyse the SERP results.

This is what I will be looking for on the first page of Google:

  1. results that do not directly answer the question
  2. low-quality answers (lack of details)
  3. low authority sites
  4. user-generated content (forums, Quora)

With the above found, you can then start to write your article.

The key thing to note when writing content is to think of the reader.

Will your article serve their query fully? Does it give them useful information?

That would be my basis for writing.


This is just a short introduction to what Semrush can do, but I believe it is a good headstart.

To build a successful online business, having a tool like this can accelerate your growth exponentially. To find out more about starting an online business, check out our guide on how to start a blog in 5 steps.

The best way to learn more is to try it out yourself, and they are offering a 7 days trial to test out all the features they have.