Super Funnel Hero Review: Lots of Value for Free


Today I will be covering the Super Funnel Hero review in order to break down what the program is about, how it works, the benefits and disadvantages with it, as well as show you some of the bonuses you can receive.

Included in this review is some information about the much talked about Super Funnel Hero Masterclass as well, so keep an eye out for that if that’s what you are searching for. 

Stay tuned till the end as I have a giveaway for you too.

You may also check out the official website here

Product information and summary


Techniques can be used immediately and you can see results quickly



Training is delivered online in short but detailed videos. Easy to understand



Free to sign up, and the upsells are well priced and has value



Very good value, even for the free membership. Must Try!


Who is Super Funnel Hero for?

Are you someone with a product to promote? An affiliate marketer maybe? 

If you fall into this category, you would almost certainly require a sales funnel

Of all the dozens of task you need to perform to sell a product, creating a viable sales funnel is probably one of the toughest and most time consuming. 

Whether you are an expert now or just starting out, getting access to a simple to use system with proven templates will certainly give you a boost. 

Here are some other common profiles that should consider this program:

  • Business owners
  • Social Media Marketers
  • Product Developers
  • Website Owners
  • Digital marketing agencies
  • Ad Runners
  • Freelancers 
  • Email list builders
  • Copy writers
  • Local Businesses 
  • Basically anyone who works in online marketing/email marketing

If that sounds like what you need, read on to find out how Super Funnel Hero Masterclass (do not confuse it with Super Funnels Review, which is another product) can help you out. 

Who created Super Funnel Hero?

Before we get started talking about the details, it is good to know who is the creator of Super Funnel Hero. 

George Wickens is the man behind the wildly successful Super Funnel Hero brand. 

george wickens super funnel hero affiliate marketing

For those of you who is in the internet marketing space for some time, you might have heard of his name before.

As a well regarded marketer, he has launched a number of successful products previously, and I’m sure will continue to do so in future. 

George Wickens hails from Brighton, United Kingdom, and developed this course out of necessity really. He was promoting online products, probably just like yourself, and needed a way to improve his conversions. 

Think about it this way: If you had a steady traffic that converted at a rate of 1%, making $50, wouldn’t you want to improve the rate to 2% and more? That means that with the same amount of potential customers or leads, you are making double or more revenue!

That’s how Super Funnel Hero was born, when George decided to reveal his secrets to making $126,138.59 from ONE single funnel.

Fun fact: You can get a free Tee Shirt just like what George is wearing in the picture above. This Super Funnel Hero review will show you how down below. 

What is Super Funnel Hero? Free version

Super Funnel Hero is a series of programs that aims to help you develop profitable funnels to sell your products. Whether you are trying to promote affiliate products or your own products, Super Funnel Hero is a money making method that can help you out. 

It achieves that in a number of ways, and all of the following are free of charge. Yes, entirely free. That is a real big value boost for just signing up.

Super Funnel Hero training – Step by Step training that covers the entire Super Funnel process

  • Optin page setup
  • The Super Funnel Step
  • The ClickFunnels Step
  • The Import Your Funnel Step
  • The Super Traffic Step
  • The Final Step

Facebook ads and Branding – This series of training covers how you should place Facebook ads and how you can create and build a brand for your business. It also teaches you how to attract the right buyers for your product. And lastly, it includes a useful daily plan that you can follow to increase your Facebook engagement. 

Traffic Domination Training (TDN) – TDN is a partner of George, which is owned by Wayne Crowe. Basically, you get a link to fast track your access to the network. Once in, you will learn how to get traffic to your sales pages by making use of several techniques taught by Wayne. I will not cover that here, but I will try to write a review of that once I have more free time to test it out in detail. 

Must Have Books – In this section, you will find a bunch of books that are recommended by George. They cover important topics to an affiliate marketer such as traffic generation and copy writing. Contrary to its section title, these books are not exactly free, as you will be required to pay a fee for shipping. 

*** Important note: The training is designed to be used with ClickFunnels, a software that lets you design landing pages where you send your traffic to. Get a free trial here

You will also need to get a email marketing software to handle your email automation process. For that, I recommend Aweber.

What is Super Funnel Hero Masterclass? Paid version

At this moment, you can probably get access to the Super Funnel Hero Masterclass directly through some other sites that had written reviews about it. However, George is no longer actively promoting it and has revamped the way he promotes his program.

The Super Funnel Hero Masterclass actually consists what I have mentioned above, plus  all the upsells and a few other products such as List Building and CopyWriting by other professionals. 

So instead of the Masterclass, what I am sharing with you today is actually the Super Funnel Hero Give Away.

Steps to join the free Super Funnel Hero Give Away

To get access the Super Funnel Hero program for free, you will need to go through a few clicks. While some might think it is gimmicky or non-relevant, I on the other hand thought that the funnel in action was really well designed.

As an affiliate marketer, you get first hand look at what a good sales funnel should be like, and you can incorporate these ideas into your own plan.

Here are the pages you will encounter during the signup:

1. Sign up here

2. You will be brought to a check out page on Warrior Plus, the network that processes signups for George.

3. Fill in your particulars and click on “Get Free Access”. You will notice that the program is free of charge. 

4. Once you have signed up, you will be brought to a page that promotes “The Killer Follow Up”. Remember I mentioned earlier about the Email Hacks program in the Masterclass? It is now sold separately for only $7. Yes, amazing value and I encourage you to get it. It gives you the entire email sequence that George uses to get the best results for your campaigns. In case you didn’t know, hiring aprofessional to get copywritten emails will cost you a bomb. They are easily $100 and above for 1 email. Plus, check out the bonuses you get for just 7 bucks.

killer follow up banner
Please get this.. absolutely worth it 🙂
killer follow up bonuses
Free bonuses with the Killer Email series

5. If you skipped it (you need to locate the button that says No), you will next see a page that is promoting “Super Affiliate Secrets” for $37. This program teaches more insider tips and tricks to get more sales and profit for you.

super affiliate secrets banner
I really quite like the designs 🙂

6a. If you opt in for “Super Affiliate Secrets”, you will be presented with another upsell, the “Super Funnel Hero DFY” for $67. As the name suggests, you will be getting Done For You templates that you can use immediately.

6b. If you skipped the previous page, you will then be brought to a page that promotes a unique program known as “Partner with George” for $97. It says that it is a program where if George makes money, you can paid too. There is also a bunch of bonuses you will receive if you joined this program. I did not sign up for this, and I personally don’t fancy the sound of it. 

7. And finally, you will end up at the page that promotes the Super Funnel Hero Masterclass, which includes all the upsells and has more products thrown in. 

7. The last page is where you will need to create an account to access the Super Funnel Hero training course. Go ahead and sign up and you’re in! 

Benefits of the Super Funnel Hero program

I honestly think it is very clear to see that there is a ton of value just by signing up for the free program. 

While I do not think that the training is the “best” out there, it is free and gives you an excellent method to build your funnels. 

This is especially useful for new online entrepreneurs looking to promote their products with greater success. Even experienced marketers can benefit from the insights shared by a fellow successful marketer like George. 

Product review: Pros and Cons

100% free to join and start consuming the content

The training is simple to understand and can be implemented almost immediately. 

Although the trainings are short, they are no doubt comprehensive and builds a solid foundation for online marketers

Lessons are available online, so you can access them anytime at your own pace

A lot of done for you material that is ready to use quickly

Don’t need to reinvent the wheel. Just use what works. 

Build powerful funnels that convert

Results can be produced relatively fast

14 day Money back guarantee if you choose to get any of the upsells

14 days to try out the upsells is slightly shorter than what I expect

The program recommends using ClickFunnels, which can be quite expensive for those just starting out

You will need other tools, such as ClickFunnels for building Landing Pages, and Aweber for Email Marketing.

What is the pricing of Super Funnel Hero?

As described above, Super Funnel Hero is free of charge to join, and you can opt in for some or all of their upgrades, such as “The Killer Email” for only $7 (I highly recommend that). 

Free Bonuses with Super Funnel Hero

Not only are you getting the Super Funnel, but previously chargeable items such as running Facebooks ads and branding your business are now free too! These are excellent bonuses that adds a lot of value. 

Bonus 1

Learn how to run FaceBook Ads correctly and drive the right traffic to your website!

Bonus 2

Free and Fast Track access to Traffic Domination Network, a proven training that teaches you to get traffic to your landing page fast!

Bonus 3

Get yourself a free Super Funnel Hero T-Shirt once you are in the members area. Only pay for shipping!

Alternative to Super Funnel Hero

I understand the need for you to want to look around, but before you do so, do yourself a favour by setting certain parameters or criteria you need met before committing to a program.

If you don’t know what you are looking for, you will be doing this kind of research even 3 months or 3 years later.

As an alternative, I highly recommend Wealthy Affiliates, yet another value packed training program and network that is free to join. You can check out my Wealthy Affiliate Review first. 

Super Funnel Hero Review: Conclusion

There are so many courses and training and programs out there vying for your attention, and it is indeed tough to filter out the good ones. 

To me, Super Funnel Hero is one of them that you need to register right away, considering the amount of value you are getting for free! 

All upgrades are optional, but I strongly encourage you to grab the Killer Email package, and possibly look at getting the Super Affiliates Secrets as well. 

For less than $50, you are getting a step ahead from the competition, and frankly, there is no risk to you at all since there is a 14 day back guarantee. 

The only risk I see here is you missing out on this great opportunity. Take action now!