Upleap Review: Results After 2 Months

Upleap Review: Results After 3 Months

Are you satisfied with your Instagram reach currently? Is Instagram right for you to grow an organic following? Or are you struggling with engagement on your Instagram account? Well, in this Upleap review, you are going to find out more about what you can do to answer these questions with a positive YES!

In this review, you are going to find out what Upleap is exactly, how it works, the pros and cons and much. Will it really help you to build brand awareness and get more visibility? Continue on to see if Upleap is a good fit for you and your business!

If you wish to head straight to their site, you can do so here.

Upleap information and summary


Pretty fast to see results, oftentimes within minutes of placing an order



24/7 support but only via email, no live chat


Ban Risk Level

Unclear if they use bots, but it seems likely. Not suitable for long term



Easy and straightforward to use. Only a few details needed to start



Flexible pricing, no contracts, starts from $9


Overall Score

Good for people starting out and need a small boost. Not for long term as it seems bots are used


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What is Upleap? An Overview

In simple words, Upleap is a tool that can help you to grow your Instagram account, whether it is the number of followers, number of likes or overall engagement. 

They are essentially a growth agency that helps influencers to build a loyal audience, and they do so with a few tricks up their sleeves, starting off with a dedicated account manager. 

As a regular Instagram user or even not, you would know that it takes quite a lot of hard work and persistency to build and grow your Instagram account. Upleap fills that gap by becoming an “assistant” to you so that you can focus on producing quality content instead.

According to Upleap, they are using a hundred percent human services, so you do not have to worry about bots doing crappy work. 

Who should be using Upleap?

To put it simply, anyone who wants to have a presence on Upleap will certainly benefit from their services. 

This can be for a wide group of people, including: 

  • Musicians
  • Bloggers
  • Beauty models
  • Businesses
  • Photographers
  • Designers
  • Lifestyle content
  • Travel website/blog
  • Parents
  • Athletes
  • Models

The list is not exhaustive, and is really only limited by your own imagination.

Here are some corporates using their service. I would say you are in good company if you do sign up.

Benefits of using Instagram for businesses

Many businesses have jumped on the Instagram bandwagon and found success. The speed with which they achieve that though can be different, as figuring it out is not as straightforward as it seems.

What they do know is that Instagram can bring about lots of benefits to their businesses, whether big or small. In fact, it kind of levels the playing field for the little guy! If you are a sole proprietor, influencer or business that needs some motivation to use Instagram, here are a few: 

1. Instagram has lots of users, over 1 billion at the time of writing. While that is still less than half of what FaceBook has, it is still an extremely large platform to find your audience.

2. According to statistics, more than a third of Instagram users have made purchases through the app. That’s over 30%. Which means that 3 out of 10 persons are potential customers of your product or service. 

3. Targeting your audience can be streamlined thanks for the widespread use of hashtags, which means that people you engage with are more likely to be interested in what you are offering. 

4. Instagram is a great platform to build your brand for free, versus advertising online or offline. There are several resources that teaches you how to improve your brand presence, and Instagram is right at the top of the heap. 

How does Upleap work?

With Upleap, their team will assist you in acquiring a lot more Instagram followers in 2 broad methods. 

First of all, they will spend time to understand what your profile is and the avatar of the audience you are searching for. That is an important aspect as you want engaged followers rather than casual browsers who will not add much value to your business. 

Secondly, they will research and use the best hashtags to attract the right groups of people to engage with your account. Think about it for a second hypothetically, with the same amount of followers, you will have more interaction thus helping you to grow your business faster and more efficiently.

Upleap review home page

I dug a little deeper and found out more about the mechanics Upleap put in play.

1. Account Manager. Yes, you do get an account manager, but of course you would expect that he/she will be managing a number of accounts. That does not mean you will be neglected, but you should know it is not one to one. In fact, my understanding after checking with support is that an account manager actively manages 5 accounts each day. 

2. Likes. The account manager will be liking posts for your account. In case you are not aware, liking other people’s posts increases your exposure. Most critically, the person is someone you are targeting. Liking their post lets them know about you and to check your account out. That person’s friends and followers, who are possibly like minded, will also see your account, prompting more engagements with your account. 

3. Instagram Stories. The account manager will check out Instagram stories on your behalf, using their own accounts. That’s useful because right now, people will be able to tell who has viewed their Instagram Stories, versus Videos or Photos which there are no such information. This lets you have a degree of anonymity before you start engaging with the prospective account. In fact, I have not seen this kind of service with other growth service providers before.

4. Engagement Pods. Your account will be put on their “engagement pod”. What this does is further help to boost the growth of your followers. In these pods, various account owners (influencers) can send their posts into these pods, and in return those people will like and comment on the posts to further increase the engagement. Think about it as a group of like minded people helping each other out to scale. This is something Instagram likes to see and reward. Imagine your post becoming one of the featured one in a hashtag. Think about the exposure for you. It just means more likes and more followers!

Main Features of Upleap

Here is a list of the main features you can utilise with Upleap:

Access to Account Manager: explained in section earlier. Basically, they handle tasks necessary to grow your account including selecting accounts to like and follow, use of hashtags, geolocation targeting etc

Real Users: it is important to know that the accounts that your account manager engages with are real people. In the world of Instagram, there are lots of shady accounts which are likely bots in disguise, which is why an account manager is vital to sieve through that. 

Smart Targeting: by understanding who are you searching for, the job becomes very targeted and gets you the kind of followers you really want. 

Engagement pods: explained earlier.

Tracking: you can see the data related to your Instagram account and Upleap.

Dedicated 24/7 Support: Upleap claims to provide a support team, which seems to be the case.

How to join Upleap

Joining Upleap is very simple, and you will find sign up buttons well placed on the website. 

The good thing is that you can sign up for free and get a 3 days free trial to test it out. Can you really see results in 3 days? 

I would say yes and no. 

Why is that so?

Yes, if you previously do not know much of what you are doing or simply do not have much time to grow your account, you will see great results with Upleap. You can can easily add dozens of followers in this span, which will demonstrate how effective the service is. 

No, because you can’t be satisfied with dozens of followers right? Plus, it takes time to build your brand in the Instagram sphere and grow your audience. Over time, people will see and engage with your brand more and more often, which will lead to more likes and follows in return. That can’t happen in 3 days. 

Setting up your Upleap account

At first I didn’t really want to write this section, as it is really really easy to set it up. However, I thought it would add a lot more value to you if I showed you the process. 

You first sign up for a 3 day trial on their site. All you need is a few simple details and you’re in. I like that they do not ask for credit card on the get-go, since I can’t trust myself to cancel it in case I don’t use it or forgot about it. 

Check your email and verify your sign up. On this page, you will be prompted to sign in to your Instagram account. 

Some people have questioned if it is safe to let Upleap access your account. Well, quick answer is if you want to use the service, you will have to grant them access. They are a legitimate business, so I do not really want to overthink this. If you are truly worried, don’t use it. 

You can also change your password anytime to stop them from accessing.

upleap sign up for free trial
Your screen might have a different color
adding instagram account to upleap

After signing in, you will choose your category. There is a long list, from Art, to Entertainment, Fashion to Food. 

Next step requires you to choose at least 4 hashtags that best represents your account. This is really for your account manager to understand your account better, as he/she will be able to see the current ones you are using too. Just go ahead with 4 general ones that fits. 

Take note though, use # followed by topic to let the search bar run, before choosing the hashtag. Repeat this step. It does not work by entering all 4 at once. 

upleap describe your account
upleap choose relevant hashtags

Next step is to identify at least 3 accounts that are your competitors. This time, use @ followed by the account name. It is really important that you put in thoughts on this, as there are lots of high potential customers following the “correct” competitor. 

That’s it, you are in!

Within the account, you will see a few sections set out in a clean interface, much like its website:

  • Overview
  • Followers Gained
  • Latest Followers
  • Account Manager
  • Followers Chart
  • Next Milestone
  • Stories Viewed
  • Comments Liked
  • Live Reactions
  • External Shares

This is where you can keep track of your progress with Upleap. 

How is the customer support of Upleap?

From my experience, I can say that Upleap customer support is really good, and it seems to be 24/7. I have received replies at a few timings spread across the day before. 

Expect to receive a reply within a couple of days at worst, and they are professional and knows how to solve problems. I can’t say that with lots of services I have used. To me, customer service can be a hit and miss, as different agents can provide varying levels of expertise. 

I do however, prefer a live chat service where they can work on minor questions that can be resolved almost immediately. Hopefully that is something that is in the works for the future. 

Their help page is not really that helpful, which is something I expect to be fixed. 

What else can you do to grow your Instagram account?

If you are not using Upleap, what other ways can you use to grow your Instagram account? 

Well, there are a number of ways, ranging from free to paid methods, and also depending on how much you wish to be involved. 

1. Hire Virtual Assistants (VAs) – A quick check on Fiverr will yield hundreds of freelancers offering their services as a VA. There is a bunch that focuses on social media, and you can check out the different types of packages they offer. Worth exploring, but difficult to choose the right VA. Might take a few tries. 

2. Instagram Bots – As the name suggests, bots will be deployed to trawl Instagram or be used to set up fake accounts. I will not go into details, but if you are interested, you can check this out to learn more about them. Super spammy and STRONGLY discouraged. 

3. Buying followers – Again, lots of people offering such services, even on Instagram itself. But what you get is most certainly fake followers with fake accounts. Does not add value to your business. HIGHLY Discouraged. 

4. Digital Agencies – Upleap is one example, but they are on a more passive spectrum. What I mean by that is you sign up for Upleap, you do get a growth service that works, but you don’t really engage directly with them. The account managers work behind the scene to perform their duties, and personally, for the price and results I’m getting, I would say it’s a good deal. On the other end, full fledged digital agencies can run sophisticated campaigns for you, but I suspect that is not what you are searching for here. 

Results after using Upleap

I did not use Upleap for ReviewsMill, as Instagram is non existent for this site. I do not plan on using Instagram here, simply because I am too lazy and I prefer to focus on writing useful reviews, which is what this site is really about.

So using another account, which for obvious reasons I will not disclose the name,  it managed to grow from a paltry 134 followers at the start of a 2 month stint, to just over 1500 followers. 


instagram followers before using upleap


instagram followers after using upleap

Am I satisfied? Hell YES! Especially so considering the price I paid was covered pretty quickly by some followers who went on to buy something.

Upleap Review: Pros and Cons

Dedicated account manager to ensure success

Customer support is pretty good and comes back with answers that work

Time saved can be put to better use such as creating quality content to serve your users better

Interaction with lots of real users

Perform lots of different tasks for you that previously would have taken you lots of time

Reasonable pricing and you can stop any time you want

Super easy to join and set up

Results can be produced relatively fast, and in this case in days 

3 days trial is too short in my opinion

I would prefer a live chat customer service to resolve small problems quicker

No FAQ page!

Security might be a concern since someone else will be able to access your account

Product Testimonials

It might help to see what some people are saying, but I personally don’t pay a lot of attention to such comments since I can test it out myself, so I decided not to include any. 

I’m sure you can find some if you really want to, but my advice is to try it out yourself.

Upleap Alternatives

Considering that Instagram has such a huge reach these days, it wouldn’t come as a surprise that there are a number of similar services out there. 

Here’s a few I know of: 

  • Kicksta
  • Nitreo
  • Viral Race

I haven’t tried them out yet, but I might do so later down the road. This post will be updated if that happens. 

For now, here are my top recommendations for Instagram Growth Services:

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What is the pricing of Upleap?

UPDATE SEP 2021: Upleap no longer goes by subscription. The pricing plan is very straightforward now. It starts from $9 for 100 followers, then $19 for 500 followers, and $39 for 1000 followers.

While you can sign up for a 3 days free trial, you will need to pay a subscription after that. 

There are 3 levels of schemes you can subscribe to, namely:

  • Lite
  • Standard
  • Premium

I personally used the Lite version, which was sufficient and effective enough to achieve the results I wanted. 

There are no discounts for monthly plans, so please do not be duped by other websites claiming to have one. 

If you want a discount, go ahead and sign up for any of the plans and choose to pay annually. 25% off for Lite, 30% off for Standard and 40% off for Premium. 

Upleap Review Conclusion: Is it right for you?

I highly recommend that you try out Upleap yourself for at least 3 days. You have nothing to lose at all. 

I really like the simplicity and effectiveness behind this service, and I will continue using it for at least a few more months. When that time comes, I will stop for a while to see if my own organic growth can sustain on its own. 

Don’t take my word for it. Try out Upleap for yourself so you can see the results on your own account. 

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