11 Signs She Is Hiding Her Feelings For You – Bonus Tip At The End!

signs she is hiding her feelings from you

How do you know if a girl is hiding her feelings for you? Do you know how to see the signs she is hiding her feelings for you?

Well, there are lots of ways that she is showing you signs, but are you discerning enough to notice them?

The dating game is extremely fun and thrilling, and knowing someone is interested in you kicks up the adrenaline.

If you like her too, that’s the perfect time to take action, but what if you read her wrongly?

With the following tips, you can be more sure before you make your moves.

Read till the end for a bonus tip!

1. Watch her body language

This one alone can tell you more about a woman who might be interested in you than any other sign. 

Body language is a huge give away for both sides of the field. Whether you’re a man or a woman, body language can tell you a lot.

Don’t get too worried about being able to tell her body language.

If she catches you eyeballing her all the time it can come off as creepy.

What I’m talking about is being able to pick up some of the more subtle cues women put out there. 

Most of them are by accident and they betray her intentions.

For example, the next time you guys are handing out, pay attention to where her feet and shoulders are pointed.

Are her feet pointed towards you?

And are her shoulders squared off (facing) towards you?

These are two easy to identify signs she’s into you, and their easy to spot.

If a woman has a relaxed body posture towards you, that is a great sign that she feels comfortable enough when she is around you to relax. 

The more you can learn about human body language, the easier it will be to tell if a woman secretly has feelings for you. 

Do keep in mind that along with positive body language which is what we are mostly talking about, there is also a negative aspect to it.

As you probably guessed it’s mostly the opposite of all the signs we see in someone exhibiting positive body language.

2. Eye Contact

Does she make a lot of eye contact with you?

When I talk about this, I mean more than just the amount of eye contact people make to be polite when talking to each other.

Do you catch her looking at you sometimes? 

This is a sign she could have feelings for you and she likes what she sees.

Pay attention to how she looks at you.

Eye contact is a surprisingly intimate act and if you notice she holds you in her gaze, she just might be hiding her feelings for you. 

Remember, eyes are the windows to the soul.

3. She laughs at whatever you say

Here is a sign or flirting move that can be harder to spot than you think.

Mostly because we guys tend to think we are a lot funnier then we really are.

Like we could be a stand-up comedian on a moment’s notice if we wanted to. Let’s just admit we have had such thoughts in our minds before.

When a girl wants to make a guy feel good, they will often laugh at his jokes.

What you want to keep an eye out for here is if she laughs at most every joke you say. 

This is a great sign that she is into you. 

4. She apologizes for everything

Now this one isn’t true for every woman and that goes for all of these signs. 

Women can be very difficult to discern, so don’t feel terrible or lost. 

Some people are just overly apologetic, but if you start to notice she is doing it beyond her norm, that might be a sign to pick up on.

She might like you and is trying her best not to mess anything up for fear of losing your interest. 

This can also be tied to how she was raised by her family.

If you know she has very strict parents, this could be stemming from how they raised her., so this tip has to be based on how well you know her.

5. She listens AND isn’t bored

If a woman is listening to you and can retain the things you tell her even two or three weeks later or even longer, then she might be interested in you. 

The key point here is that when she’s listening she’s actually interested.

How do you tell if she’s interested you say?

Well that’s where body language comes back into play.

Is she leaning in towards you and focused on you? 

Is she engaged in the conversation and adding to it or just giving you quick one-liners back? 

Think of yourself when you are listening to something that’s of interest to you. 

You tend to sit up and lean in towards the speaker.

Now think of yourself when you listen to something that doesn’t interest you.

You tend to have a different posture when you listen to something that bores you and you couldn’t care less if you heard the end of it.

You slouch in your chair and not only do you look bored but you are bored.

Like I said before, it’s body language that’s going to give it away for you.

It’s very hard to hide our body language especially when we feel comfortable with people.

6. Her Tone of Voice

This one might sound hard to figure out but it isn’t. Trust me.

If you work with or go to school with this woman, and really want to know if she’s hiding her feelings for you, just listen to how she talks to everyone else.

When she talks to her girlfriends, chances are pretty good she isn’t talking to them in a high pitched or chirpy tone.

That tone is reserved for flirting. 

This is an easily missed sign that she might like you.

Since women have a naturally higher-pitched tone and are often told they need to be overly polite/bubbly if anyone is going to like them.

Double standards right? 

So if you notice she’s talking to you in a higher tone than with others, there is a good chance she likes you and is reserving her pleasant higher pitch tone of voice for when she’s around you.

7. Sending suggestive texts

This step is assuming that you guys are already acquainted, and have each other’s numbers.

Next time she texts you, take a closer look at how she words her messages. You can easily tell if she is flirting or being suggestive by comparing with texts from your female buddies.

If a lady is interested in you, she will unwittingly drop some hints and be playful when texting you.

It could be that she responds to your texts almost immediately, sends you her photos, or volunteers to do something fun with you.

If you want to master the texting game, read this article to learn the 3 tricks that you need to snag any girl you want!

8. She always WANTS your help

Here is a really good sign to try and spot.

If you two work together and she is always going to you asking for help with things, there is a good chance she’s doing it so she can spend time with you.

There are a lot of motives behind this particular sign.

Getting a chance to help her with things when she asks can be like a “pre-date” or “mini-date”. 

Solving a problem or accomplishing a task together builds strong bonds between people. Doing this with you shows her a small part of what you are.

Remember women are very selective when picking a mate and look for a lot of different qualities.

This type of flirting can help them “feel out” how a potential mate will provide for them or with them if they decide to date them.

9. She agrees with you on everything

This is a pretty obvious one but sometimes the obvious needs to be pointed out to us.

If she’s agreeing with everything you say then she’s actually trying to get you to like her. 

Think about it for a minute.

We tend to build our inner circle of friends with people who are like us and people who are like us tend to like what we like.

With a flirting strategy like this, she’s trying to hint to you that she likes what you like and so, in turn, you will like her back.

See how that works pretty tricky huh?

While it’s not really a trick or meant to be malicious if you can spot her doing this, it’s another sign that she might be hiding her true feelings for you. 

10. She’s awkward around you

Now this one can be different for a lot of people to tell the difference if the person is only awkward around them or they’re just awkward people. 

Quite honestly some people are just awkward and have a hard time socializing. I think you should be able to spot one without too much explanation here.

Try to remember that so you don’t end up thinking something is there when it isn’t.

That can be very embarrassing. 

But if she is only bumping into things, knocking things over, and stumbling with what she is trying to say around you. 

Then that’s a really good sign that she’s into you and trying to hide it.

11. Hands, Hands, Hands

This one goes with body language but I wanted to give it its own section because it can tell you so much.

What is she doing with her hands when you’re talking to her? 

Is she playing with her hair, touching her lips, or are her hands tucked away in her pockets?

Hands are one of the best ways we can pull attention to something.

Women will use their hands to bring your attention to them if they are attracted to you. 

Also, when she sits down next to you, does she sit far away or close by? 

When someone else comes by to hang out with you, does she move closer to you to make room for them to join?

Or does she move away and set an even distance? 

Your number one indicator is going to be body language paired up with little nuances that you’ll notice her exhibiting.

Bonus Tip!

Here is a bonus for you for sticking to the end!

Now this is one that I personally would call a “double edged sword”: Jealousy.

If a girl gets jealous over some other women in your life she might feel as if her time with you isn’t valued by you.

Or she feels threatened by the competition for your attention.

While this can at times in very small doses and far apart feel great, it can also be a precursor to a toxic relationship.

A little jealousy can feel exhilarating especially when it’s from a woman you’re into, but it didn’t get the name “ Ugly Green Monster” for nothing.

So if you notice the girl you like getting jealous of you that’s definitely a sign she likes you, but be careful because things can get out of hand quickly when it comes to jealousy.

So, is she into you?

The next time you are hanging out that someone you suspect might be into you, look out for these signs. All of them can show that she is developing feelings for you and that she is secretly attached to you.

Of course it is pretty unlikely that she will show all 11 of them to you at once, but exhibiting a few of these are great indications about her feelings for you!

If you are into her too, you can definitely consider making a move without hesitation.

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