Unlock her legs review: The Scrambler Review revealed

Summary of Unlock Her Legs The Scrambler


Takes around 4 weeks or more to see some results



Easy to follow, with step by step instructions



Decent price for the amount of value, and backed by guarantee. $69.95.



Good value for money, but not suitable for people who wants fast results


Unlock Her Legs Review is about the online dating program that has kicked up quite a storm, with The Scrambler technique explained as its focus.

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Are you someone who has been stuck in the friend zone and is desperate to get out of it? Trying to get into a close relationship with the other sex?

Or maybe you have been struggling your whole life find out how to get girlfriend, while you see other guys do it so easily?

How about considering this situation:

You have seen this girl, or she is somehow in your social circle, and you always wanted to talk to her and date her out.

Somehow, you never did it, and guess what? The next moment you see her in the arms of some other guy who could be worse off than you in every department, walking off into the proverbial sunset(or maybe back to home together?)

Why is this happening again and again? And this will take a toll on your mental wellbeing, losing confidence bit by bit each time something like this happens. It just seems so hard connecting with a person of the other sex.

If you have experienced any of the thoughts or situations above, then you might want to read on to find out a potential solution.

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What is The Scrambler?

the scrambler review

Unlock her legs is an online program designed for men to learn more about women psychology. This is not a guide to teach you how to have sex with women, although the title does seem to suggest that. In fact, that could up end becoming one of the results if you follow it closely and do it right.

However, if you wish to learn more about how the female mind works, what strategy to use when approaching girls, and how you can get their attention the right way, then this program might be of interest to you.

So this program is created by 2 dating experts, Bobby Rio and Rob Judge, and is aimed at helping regular guys like yourself to have a better chance in this dating game.

If you have been following the PUA (pick up artist) scene, you would know they have made big waves, teaching techniques to get the ladies in bed.

In the Scrambler ebook, the 2 authors give tips on very personal topics related to finding love and getting more sex. Think of this more like a self help book, as there are no dodgy techniques to hook girls and lead them into bed.

What is the Scrambler Technique? The Scrambler Technique Revealed

the scrambler technique revealed

By learning the Scrambler Technique, you will be able to start dating more girls, as it opens up your mind about female psychology.

In the process, you will also cut down all the mistakes that you used to make that prevented you from getting more success.

There are 4 key elements that are being proposed.

The idea is to create a “Chase Reflex”, which is based on 4 principles:

Creating Uncertainty – See, women are not logical by nature, unlike men. And hence, the first step is to become somewhat of a mystery, where the women has to find out more to unravel the real you. They say women like drama, and this couldn’t be more true in this case. All this mysterious persona created excitement in women, so when you meet a women, don’t unload your whole life story to them. Don’t even say that you like them explicitly. Keep them uncertain and you can be sure they will be thinking of this mystery men quite often.

Shifting Power – I bet you have heard a phrase that goes something like “She’s got your wrapped around her fingers”. And in this second step, the Scrambler teaches you how to wrest control of the relationship back to you, and shift the balance of power in your favour instead. By doing so, a woman will then shift all their focus on you, trying to find ways to make you impressed, to desire her and give her more attention.

Making Her Seek Your Approval – In step 3, you will be taught some unique techniques that will make the woman you are interested in work hard for your approval. Can’t believe it right? This goes against usual thinking, and is part of the reason why it is so successful. After using the steps here, your lady will be seeking your validation and place you firmly at the top of her mind.

Building Anticipation – And here in the last step, you will learn about how you can build up her anticipation. When there is anticipation, there is yearning. And because of the fact that she is anticipating something from you, about what you will do, it becomes very plausible that she will follow your moves, and become at ease with you. Thus, you will be able to turn the sex switch at your bidding, and not the other way round.

Don't make these mistakes

All in all, the Scrambler mind game is designed to help you get the girl of your dreams. It is like reverse engineering the whole dating process, and the results are pretty amazing.

More than that, the book teaches you a whole load more of techniques.

And I wish to share a little more without spoiling it for you, which is the very relevant to today’s world. Texting.

The dating game is no like how it used to be, when people actually met up more often, rather than in the modern world where people communicate more through texting.

There are 3 big mistakes that men tend to make, and I wanted to share them here, all of which relates to what the Scrambler technique teaches:

1. Confessing your feelings over text

text mistakes the scrambler

Sometimes it is easy to just type in a bunch of words into a mobile device and press send. Which is a big mistake a lot of guys make. You think that you are being an honest nice guy, sharing your feelings and letting them know more about you, but this is not the right way to do it. Once you confess everything to her, including your feelings, she has nothing else left to do. There is nothing for her to work for. So where does that leave her? A bored girl.

2. Sending nice guy texts

Have you seen that movie where the nice guy is always being friend zoned by that chick he likes? Yes, in the end they will end up together, but in reality, that is not going to happen as often as you think.

The truth is, ladies are turned off by “nice guys”.

It doesn’t seem natural, and in some cases ladies may think of them as trying too hard. Surprise right?

Sending texts like “Have fun at work”, “Have a nice evening” and “Hope your breakfast was good” is going to turn her off big time!

These are all considered boring, and will only lead to the girl thinking there must be something wrong with this guy.

So, don’t be that guy. You don’t want to look needy.

3. Being too available

I really don’t think there is a need to explain this in too much detail.

Just think for a second, if you are always there every second and every minute, becoming at her beck and call, what does that make you?

You will no longer possess any mystery, she will be holding on to all the power, so you will never get the girl you want.

Be smart about it, and you can certainly take your time to reply and not pick up the phone the second the phone buzzes.

Who are the creators, Bobby Rio and Rob Judge?


Some will look at them as egomaniacs for coming up with such a controversial program.

But hey, it works and they know what it takes to become alpha males.

Bobby Rio has actually gone through a similar process, before finding out the secret to getting the girl of his dreams.

He then teamed up with Rob Judge and formulated Unlock Her Legs, and developed the Scrambler Technique.

All the information shared in the book is based on female psychology, and teaches a man beyond just getting a girlfriend.

It trains you up on your confidence and shares tips on how to handle women the right way.

The strategies are proven to work as can be seen by numerous positive Scrambler reviews, and has helped countless men out there.

Since the inception of the program, they have also been featured in respectable publications such as TSB Magazine.

Unlock Her Legs review: Pros and Cons

What I like

The techniques can be used on pretty much every girl you meet

The price is very reasonable, considering the amount of value you can get out of it

You learn to be more confident, and how you can start conversations with more ladies

Avoid making silly mistakes that will derail your chances of success

Even if you are attached, learning the techniques can help improve your relationship

Easy to understand and follow, instructions written in simple language

Learn how to detect signals from women

60 days money back guarantee

What I don't like

Some might say that it is unorthodox

Only available in digital format

Results only comes with time and practice and making sure you follow the guides carefully

Does Unlock Her Legs work?

While of course there is no such thing as a guarantee, it really depends on how fast you can understand the concepts, and most importantly, put them into practice.

Without trying them out, you are definitely not going to see any success.

What I like about this book is that it aims to help you get more dates, rather than promise you a one shot one kill approach.

And since the techniques are quite original, I do believe the chances of success are quite high.

Pricing of Unlock Her Legs The Scrambler

The pricing the Unlock Her Legs, which includes the Scrambler book, is only $69.95 if you purchase it here through Reviews Mill. For readers of Reviews Mill, you will get a series of bonuses if you purchase Unlock Her Legs program here.

You will be receiving the following when you sign up:

the scrambler product list

Unlock her legs review: Conclusion

Overall, I am really surprised by the quality of this program, and I like the fact that it is not just a scheme to get a girl into bed quick.

There are many important life lessons that can be learned here, and makes you a more confident person in the long run.

A word of caution again, which is the fact that this program does take a concerted effort in order for it to work.

Don’t buy it thinking you are going to attract women the next day, it does not work that way.

Judging by the fact that there are lots of positive reviews and success stories, I believe this is worth a try at least.

You will be backed by a 60 day money back guarantee, effectively making this investment a risk free one.

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