100k Blueprint Review: 4.0 Masters Edition

My 100K Blueprint Review: What should you expect to get from this course

Hey there, first up thanks for coming in to read the 100k Blueprint Review. My team and I has lots in store for you as we show you what the 100k Blueprint program is about and whether you can benefit from it, i.e make money online

Right now, they are doing a pre launch and by the time you read this, it might have been officially in the market. Whichever the case, you should grab a copy of the free ebook here when you are done with reading this in depth review.

If you prefer to head straight to the official website, here it is: 100k Blueprint

100K Blueprint information and summary


Requires some testing to get it right, but easy to scale once you find your first success



Easy to follow. Lots of done for you components such as ads and site templates



Price is quite steep at almost $2000, but contains lots of value that you can't get elsewhere



Worth the investment as you gain an advantage over the general dropshippers in the market


What is 100K Blueprint?

The makers of the program has a big promise to fulfil. The underlying premise of signing up is so that beginners like you and me can make a living with an online business after attending their training.

100K blueprint is a nice catchy name, and it is stacked with lots of features that can take a newbie from scratch to a thriving business that can potentially replace your day job and build a passive income for yourself. This means you can make money from home with lesser hours, freeing yourself up to more business opportunities. 

How you can reach this goal is by creating and building a dropshipping business using their patented 4 step formula that has produced numerous successful students since his first course.

Who is the creator of 100K Blueprint? Dan DaSilva reviews

A lot of online business owners, dropshippers and marketers will know who Dan DaSilva is. He has a popular YouTube channel where he shares his knowledge. 

His story is not unlike many of us who seeks out financial freedom through building online businesses. He was broke and was in desperate need to change his life when he met his mentor, and together they build a successful business which gave him his first pot of gold.

By refining the techniques and processes he learned, the went on to bill over $15million with his dropshipping businesses. 

He then went a step further and developed training courses that aims to help aspiring entrepreneurs like you and me to start their own business in the dropshipping world. Not only did he managed to start 1, he created several successful courses that made many of his students millionaires. 

They say the proof is in the pudding, and he indeed has real examples to back that up. Check the screenshots below for some of his student testimonials. 

Benjamin 100k blueprint
Farzaam 100k blueprint

How does dropshipping work?

Before we look at the program and how it works, let’s talk a bit more about dropshipping so that you know exactly what you are getting into. 

Dropshipping is a legitimate ecommerce business that has seen tremendous growth over the last decade. It is one of the best online business to start.

In fact, if you look at the largest online retailer today, Amazon, you might see similarities of their business model with dropshipping. 

Here’s how it works: 

A customer comes to your website (can be built on Wix, Squarespace, WordPress etc, or anywhere they can view a product, so it can be Facebook or Instagram or some other platform), and purchases an item. As a dropshipper, this order goes straight to your supplier and they dispatch and deliver the item to the customer. 

For you, you never have to keep any inventory of the goods. Essentially, you are simply a middleman, a bridge that connects customers and suppliers.

In order to do so, many people turn to Shopify, a software platform that provides dropshippers with almost all the tools you need in order to begin operations and start making money. Also, they would turn to Oberlo, which is an online marketplace to source for suppliers. 

how dropshipping works

Benefits and disadvantages of dropshipping

This business model is great, and the benefits are really attractive for anybody wanting to start an online business. Here are some of the key benefits you should know:

  • Low costs involved in the set up – you do not need to purchase and stock inventory, which means you reduce warehouse and packing costs as well
  • Ability to sell wide range of products – you can offer more items to your customers since you do not need to stock them and there is not minimum order quantity to fulfil

On the flipside, not all is rosy. There are some disadvantages associated with dropshipping too:

  • Not in control of the supply chain – once an order is passed on to the supplier, they take care of everything from there on, which means if they mess up, you are going to have some unhappy customers. If your supplier runs out of stock, you suffer too
  • Lower margins – while you do not have pay upfront for goods, that means you lose the bargaining power to get bulk pricing, effectively lowering your profit margins 

How does 100K Blueprint work?

Well, although dropshipping sounds like an excellent online business to make extra money, many people still fail. The reason is because most people do not work out a detailed plan to lead them to success.

Between juggling the running of an estore and all the other skills required, it is easy for people to get lost in this business. 

100K Blueprint is designed to plug this gap, and has a plethora of tools to help budding entrepreneurs like yourself to be successful.

Over the course of 12 weeks, you will be learning through a series of online training in the members area of his dropshipping academy. 

This training does not appear all at once, but rather follows a schedule to correspond with the week you are in. 

This can be good or bad, depending on how you see it, as you can have the time to digest and focus on the task at hand for the week. If all the information is there at once, you can be overwhelmed and lose focus easily. 

That said, some of you might be experienced and can complete the training faster, but in this case, you will have to wait it out. 

100k blueprint review

The truth is that there are several training programs out there that claims to do something similar. However, 100K Blueprint differs and stands out for the processes that students like yourself will learn. Here’s a quick look at what the 4 step process:

Step 1: Conduct proper PRF. This is where you learn how to do research and find the best profit fit for your business

Step 2: Asset creation. In this phase, you learn how to build a store. You do not need to have much technical know how as the steps are very simple to follow and execute

Step 3: Growth. Here, you will learn how to create a profitable strategy using targeted ads to increase your revenue

Step 4: Rinse and repeat. Using the same strategies you learned earlier, you replicate and build out more businesses and increase your profits

100k blueprint 4.0 review

To justify the amount of money you are investing into the 100K Blueprint training program, you will learn some of the trade secrets that Dan has for his students. 

Obviously I cannot show you all the details, but here is an overview that should give you a good idea on what to expect: 

  1. Find a product that fits a 3 phase criteria using software and tools included in the course
  2. Create a website that contains all the information about the product chosen. There are tools that will help you to create the website as well as a customised theme that you just need to upload. The theme is designed to improve conversion rates by using a highly effective done for you sales funnel. Take note though you will likely need to use ClickFunnels. Get a free trial here.
  3. Follow a FaceBook ads strategy. You will get access to pre-made ads listings and run ads campaigns using a strategy known as “Blitz Bomb”. After figuring out which ads converts the best, you then triple your ad spend to get higher quality leads to your site
  4. Make use of their software to connect with agents rather than suppliers for faster shipping and better rates. Most dropshippers these days are using AliExpress and DHGate, but with 100K Blueprint, you have a game changer that can improve your earnings
  5. Finally, repeat the above process to build new stores that generates money for you at a larger scale. 

What will you be getting in the program?

Once you sign for the the program, you will get immediate access to the training platform where you start your 12 weeks drip fed online learning. 

On top of that, you will join a community where you will have access to coaches that works in Dan’s team. This is a valuable resource that many courses are not able to provide, but since 100K Blueprint has been around for a few years and garnered substantial success, he now has coaches at his disposal.

Thirdly, you can get support directly in the members area to answer any of your questions. 

It doesn’t end here, as there are a bunch of bonuses which I will cover later in the post along with the pricing. 

Product review: Pros and Cons

Gain access to methods that are not typically employed in the market

Gain an edge over other dropshippers thanks to the special relationships with agents

Very detailed, complete and organised training guide

Lots of support from coaches who have been there done that as well as a support crew

Huge value as you will have access to proprietary software and exclusive deals negotiated by Dan and his team

Very high quality and user friendly with easy to follow instructions

You can start to see results pretty quickly as a lot of the processes are short and previously tested

60 day Money back guarantee

I prefer access to all the training material at once rather than being released weekly

The price is quite high, so that might be a stumbling block for people on a low budget, plus you will need to cater additional funds for advertising

What is the pricing of 100K Blueprint 4.0. Masters Edition by Dan DaSilva?

This Masterclass doesn’t come cheap. You can join for a one time payment of $1997 or opt for an instalment plan of 4 payments of $597. 

I do think that the price can be a non-starter for many, but think about it from a businessman point of view. Is there any business out there that you can truly start without paying anything?

The answer is no. You may invest a smaller amount, but there are other costs involved that may not be so clear such as the time spent. 

With a system like this, the price is justified and paid off after your get your first store going, so I urge you to consider this point too. 

Free Bonuses

As a member of the 100K Blueprint program, you will receive a ton of bonuses that amplifies its value. Here’s a closer look. 

Bonus 1

Untouchable Ads Vault - 20 professionally designed ad templates that are done for you so you can use them for your campaigns

Bonus 2

Dropshipping Power Hour - Private live group coaching calls for 10 weeks. These are also recorded and stored within the members area so you can access them anytime

Bonus 3

Ads Mastery - Learn how to create and run ads that are profitable, from the start to finish and behind the scenes access

Bonus 4

Profit Machine - Research tool that will help you to find the right products from the best suppliers to promote on your ecommerce store

Bonus 5

Mentorship Private Access - You will be getting direct communication channels with Dan and his team of coaches to further improve your knowledge of the business

Bonus 6

Email Jedi - You’ll learn how to generate 200% MORE profit from your efforts with 3 simple emails - never seen before.

Bonus 7

TriFunnels software Lifetime Access - use this to build the best sales funnels on your store directly

Alternatives to 100K Blueprint

Sure, there are some alternatives out there that you can choose from, and many have a lower price point. I personally have not tested them out, so I am not in the best position to offer a suggestion. 

However, I can see that some people recommend eCom Elites by Franklin Hatchett, and it is easy to see why, even though the course is not worth its salt. The course follows a familiar outline as many other courses, and each video is pretty short and not detailed. 

The reason to promote that though is because it is much cheaper at around $300. I would rather you spend that money elsewhere. 

100K Blueprint Reviews: Conclusion

I know that was a lot to digest, so here is a quick summary of the 100K Blueprint review: 

  • 12 week training course that teaches you how to master the business of dropshipping
  • Contains all the trade secrets that Dan and his members use to increase their chances of success and grow online businesses
  • Comes with lots of tools that will help you choose products, build your store, market your product and eventually make money online

Yes, it is that simple. 

I really think that dropshipping is a fantastic business to jump into, and the 100K Blueprint is obviously very competent in churning out successful entrepreneurs. 

Before you decide, you should consider downloading a free ebook that shows you “The Secret 4 Step System We Used To Make $420,161 in 32 Days Only SELLING ONE SINGLE Product With A Top Secret Traffic Source”

Also, consider watching a free video presentation of a case study of an actual student. 

If you are confident and willing to build a successful online ecommerce store, take action now and join 100K Blueprint Masters Edition right now. There is 60 days for you to change your mind, which I suspect you won’t after you see your own success.