Reading Head Start Review: All You Need To Know Before Signing Up

Review of Reading Head Start

Do you agree that teaching your child how to read is one of the most important skills you can impart to your child?

But what if they show signs of disinterest, loss of concentration, or just wants to watch YouTube videos?

Well, it seems that at least 5 million parents have found a solution with the Reading Head Start program.

Now, we will be doing a review of the Reading Head Start Program which has caused quite a bit of noise in social media channels. Seems like the program is doing well, but what do we know unless we put it to the test? 

One of our writers on Reviews Mill, Janice, took advantage of an offer to subscribe, and she will be doing the Reading Headstart Review for us today. 

Before you go on, you can check out the official website here.

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Summary of the Reading Head Start System


You can almost immediately see results through the useful material



Easy to follow, requires around 15 minutes a day



Only $1 to start, and subscription price per month is reasonble



Good value for money, and can help your child for a few years


Background info

Hey there, my name is Janice and I am a mother of one special lady named Emma. 

She turned 3 a few months ago, and as you might expect, as a busy working professional, she started attending preschool.

I am not one of those parents who wants to overload my kid with a gazillion activities, let alone at this age, but I do believe in the value and importance of education. 

While some of you might think, learning to read at 3 years old is way too early, I do feel otherwise. 

I don’t expect my child to be the next winner of the National Spelling Bee or become the next Toastmaster, but letting her learn in a fun way is something I believe will give her a head start in life. 

So I was looking around for a solution, and tutors were out of the price range and frankly, that’s way too stressful for my princess. That led me to research online and I was introduced to the Reading Head Start learning program. 

As you read on, I will attempt a deep dive into the program and break it down for those of you considering it.

What is Reading Head Start program about?

At its core, Reading Head Start is a program that helps children develop the right reading habits, capabilities and techniques by using a set of scientifically tested methods. Click the image below to watch the Reading Head Start Video.

reading head start review

I love the fact that it only requires a minimum of 3 days a week, 15 minutes per session, so even the most restless kids can follow it easily!

The ability of a child to read and understand is so important for their development, as this skill will enable them to process information better, which leads to them understanding concepts effortlessly as they progress through their school years.

With this digital series of education program, your child will gain an advantage early in life, as they hone their reading skills. At the same time, they will sharpen their phonemic awareness, allowing them to hear, identify and manipulate sounds much better. 

The activities are short, fun and engaging, so your child will not have a boring moment while learning!

Who is the program for?

Whether your child is a quick learner or takes a longer time than usual to learn, the program will work for them as they can move along at a pace suitable for them. 

It is designed by educators and can work for kids from the age of 2-14. 

teach your child how to read

Who is the creator of Reading Head Start?

The person who created Reading Head Start is Sarah Shepherd. According to her, she has been an English teacher for several years, and decided to create this program when she encountered difficulties in teaching her own child. 

She felt that the current school system is not teaching her child the right way, and thus researched deeply into this subject before working with other educators to create the program. 

Her goal was to change the way reading was taught and focus on techniques that work better and faster. Most importantly, the techniques had to be backed by theories and methods that worked. 

How does Reading Head Start work?

In this program the syllabus is broken down into 4 main sections. Over the course of 40 weeks, your child will learn various techniques that aims at helping them improve their reading skills. 

rhs banner2

Your child will learn how to read using logical methods, and they will start with learning the accurate way a letter sounds and should be pronounced. They will also learn how certain letters change the way a word is pronounced when added or left out. 

I think you and I both agree that in our schools today, the curriculum seems to have forgotten about these fundamentals, which leads to them using guesswork on words that don’t look ‘regular’. 

One of the things I really liked is the issuance of certificates at the end of each module, which really encourages and motivates them to keep going.

It makes use of different teaching aids, such as reading videos, interactive activities and fun phonics games for kids, focused on educating your child, thus keeping them engaged during that short session. 

Techniques taught

It is simply not possible nor the right thing to share every detail of the course, but I wanted to point out some of the information that is really important for you to know before signing up. 

The Reading Head Start program is designed with the following in mind: 

  • Optimal Neurological Development – Using this technique to fully develop your child’s brain to its highest ability
  • Building Up Their Psychological Fortitude – Building up self esteem and confidence
  • Linguistic and Communication Skills Development – Improves the communication skills and language skills of your child
  • Positive Social Interactions – Teach them how to interact with people around them, be it their friends or their elders
  • Keeping Learning Fun – To keep their attention focused on the learning process and take the boredom away from learning

With this set of criteria in place, your child will greatly benefit and eliminate some of the negative issues faced previously:

  • Not interested in studying
  • Bad techniques from an era gone by
  • Not being able to be part of their learning journey
  • Speaking with the wrong pronunciations

How will your child learn?

Upon joining the Reading Head Start program, you will get access to a members only portal where the learning material are stored. 

In it, you will find lesson plans which gives you an overview of what to expect and how to administer the training. 

rhs banner1

Next, you will be getting a series of flash cards, picture cards and letter books. I love flash cards. They are so simple but effective. The best thing? No more fumbling around with physical cards anymore!

Short passages work to teach your child how to read, but doesn’t bore them with a giant wall of endless text. 

My child tends to come home with worksheets to complete and sulk. They are usually very boring and doesn’t excite a child to learn. In this case however, the worksheets are actually fun and entertaining! They are filled with beautiful pictures and graphics that will make your child want to keep going!

On top of all these, there are videos, phonics cards and many other tools to help with learning.

What will YOU learn as a parent?

Being involved as a parent is a critical part to success in the program. 


As a first time parent, I didn’t know the right ways to engage and teach my child, and I didn’t want to be searching high and low forbooks for teaching reading strategies.

books for teaching reading strategies

Thankfully I came across Reading Head Start, which gave me a compass and find my bearings.

While going through the program, here are some of the important things that I feel all parents will benefit from: 

  • Being able to nurture your child and accelerate their learning curve. Even if they are not interested in learning, the ebook will share fun methods that actually work
  • How to use positive reinforcements and the best ways to fully maximize the potential of the program. You learn what you can do and what you should not be doing so as to not hinder your child’s learning progression 
  • Identify the techniques that are not suitable and correcting them to have the right message for your child. The fact is some of the stuff taught in school is not really effective. 
  • Most importantly, to gift your child an invaluable skill that can be used throughout their lifetime

What will you get in the program?

The way the program is structured is pretty good and it is a modern way of delivering the course. 

Instead of just getting a book, you will have access to a private members portal. 

There are several sections on the menu bar which you can feel free to navigate to.

reading head start home page

On the home page, it is well organised and doesn’t leave the user wondering what to do next. You can go through the lessons step by step with your child easily.  

As you enter a lesson, there will be links that lets you download or access relevant resources that are related to that particular class. 

It also includes a bunch of printables in case you prefer to take the lessons offline, or probably when you do not have access to the internet.

After all, the Reading Head Start program is a strictly online based learning system. 

I really like that as I can help my kid wherever we go. 

How about learning in the park? Or beside a playground where he or she can go right after the session?

Way better than the traditional ways of learning, if I’m allowed to say so, 

Reading Head Start Review: Pros and cons

What I like

Start young and develop the right habits and techniques

Gain an advantage over the regular classes in school

Lessons can be delivered anywhere in the world

Lessons are short and to the point, making each session very productive

The curriculum is developed professionally, and filled with pictures and colors to spice things up

Your child will be able to concentrate for an entire lesson without any hiccups

Structured, well organised and comprehensive to last for 40 weeks

Suitable for kids from a wide age range

Set at an affordable price, allowing most people to access it easily

Very high quality and user friendly with easy to follow instructions

Proven to work, just check out the testimonials in the next section

You can start the trial for only $1

Backed by a 100% full refund if you don’t like it

What I don't like

This is a long term program, not some secret trick to get immediate results. That said, if you find something that tells you that, please avoid it at all costs!

I don’t like the part that says it can cure dyslexia, as it is not curable. They should use a more accurate wording instead

No physical material will be given, but you have the choice to print out some of the resources


Enough of me talking about the program. See for yourself what some people are talking about. These are Reading Head Start reviews from parents!

Excellent program for beginning readers I purchased Reading Head Start for my 3-year-old daughter last year and she still loves it. Now, after one year, she is reading between 2nd and 4th grade levels. Obviously, we have been reading together through that time, but Reading Head Start was the right choice to teach her to sound out words and learn basic sight words. And we all love the letter sounds song!
pic of mother and daughter
Brenda S
Awesome method for summer bridge Got this for my kindergartner who is entering 1st grade next Fall. He already loves it and I’m sure he’ll be well prepared for the added workload and increased expectations of his new teacher.
Luke C

What is the pricing of Reading Head Start?

The way the pricing is set for Reading Head Start is pretty typical of such programs, and consists of 3 methods. 

If you wish to sign up through Reviews Mill, here are the special pricing you will receive:

  • Lifetime access and updates for $297
  • 1 Year access for $197 per year
  • Monthly subscription of $37 per month

I actually started out with the $1 trial (it was too good to refuse, plus I get to preview everything!), and eventually decided to go ahead with the subscription. I didn’t want to fork out the upfront lump sum, but probably that should be the wiser choice. 

To me, the 1 year access doesn’t make much sense if you are convinced of its methods, since the lifetime access only costs 50% more. They are so confident their product works that they are giving a 365 days guarantee.

Whichever method you opt for, you get access to the same valuable content.


If you sign up here, you will be getting a bunch of useful bonuses:

  • The Fun With Words Book Series
  • Incredible Reading Shortcuts
  • Interactive Reading Games

Reading Head Start Program Review: Conclusion

Before I started, I was really concerned about any potential Reading Head Start scams. Now, I am glad to say I took the plunge.

I feel that I really cannot emphasize enough about the importance of giving your child the ability to read.

Education is an important part of a person’s development, and being able to start on the right note early on in life is so crucial. 

Of course, we cannot determine nor predict how our child will turn out in future, but as responsible parents, it is up to us to give them the right tools and options. 

After spending a few months with Reading Head Start, I must say that the program really deserves merit, and will certainly be able to help most children improve in many aspects.

It is not just about reading, but also gaining the intangible stuff such as self esteem, confidence, problem solving skills and more. 

Of course it is not perfect, but the benefits certainly outweigh the cons.

I highly recommend that you check out what the program is about for yourself, since seeing is believing. If you have read a number of Reading Head Start reviews, you would know that the program is extremely reliable.

Plus, at just $1 to explore the course, I really think it is a no brainer. I do believe though, that once you’re in, you will want to continue to have access to the great material.

Take action now!