Ultimate Small Shop Review by a Woodworker

Ultimate Small Shop Review by a Woodworker

Today’s post will is the Ultimate Small Shop Review, written by one of our team members, Adam, as he shares his opinions about the bestselling ebook produced by the team behind TedsWoodworking

Adam was an aspiring closet carpenter who always wanted to set up his own shop, and there were always so many considerations, like the woodworking shop layout, how to equip a woodworking shop etc. 

However, due to the high costs involved as well as a limitation on space, he never got around to setting up a workshop.

To find out if the Ultimate Small Shop helped him take off or not, do read on for his review. 

In the meantime, you can also consider checking out the official website to learn more.

Product information and summary


Detailed instructions that helps you set up a small shop with limited resources



Well organised and you can follow the guide step by step



Well priced at $39, packs a ton of value and backed by guarantee



Good value for money, but not suitable for people who wants fast results


My story and background

Hi there, I am Adam and I will be walking you through the review of the Ultimate Small Shop program. A little about me first to put things into better context.


I am a shipping executive who has always been interested in woodworking since young. This was probably influenced by my Dad, who managed to transform our home garage into a small woodworking workshop over the years. He always kept my brother and I busy during the holidays by helping him out with his projects, and eventually we graduated from assistants to amateur carpenters. 

I always felt that setting up a small woodworking shop would be my calling, but when I started to do research, finding answers to questions like how big should my wood shop be, woodworking shop layout designs, how to setup a workshop in a garage, I was overwhelmed. 

It seems that the cost for starting out ranges in the thousands mark!

It didn’t seem that easy as I imagined it would be, and with a family of 3 to provide for, it was hard for me to invest too much money on it. 

This obviously had to take a back seat, but I chanced upon the Ultimate Small Shop program, and while my life didn’t take a drastic change, it gave me the right directions and motivation to pursue my dreams. 

What is Ultimate Small Shop?

The Ultimate Small Shop ebook was written to help aspiring small business owners just like yourself set up their own carpentry workshop. Most of us are concerned with 2 major factors, which is money and space. 

Unfortunately, not all of us have access to a large garage where we can “easily” convert it into a wood, workshop, and you need to factor in the cost of machinery and raw material to start off. 

The Ultimate Small Shop pdf you will be getting through the program aims to resolve these problems by addressing this 3 points: 

  • How to pick the right tools and invest your money wisely
  • Spending your money where it matters most and giving you the highest return on investment
  • How to set up your own woodworking business with $1000 or less

I will go into more details in the sections down below. 

Who is the Ultimate Small Shop program for?

Although it is marketed as being suitable for woodworkers of all skill levels, I personally feel that it is better suited for beginners and enthusiasts trying to start a business in woodworking. Even if you are just a hobbyist, the information contained inside the guide is invaluable. 

The information provided in the book is more important to a newbie than a seasoned professional, which is why I say a newbie will benefit the most. 

Of course, seasoned woodworkers might find this useful too, especially getting your hands on the suppliers list, which can help you to reduce your costs of business. 

Who created the Ultimate Small Shop guide?

The Ultimate Small Shop ebook was created by Ralph Chapman, someone who is no stranger to the woodworking scene. With over 25 years of experience, he has seen it all in the business. 

ralph chapman

With the book, he aims to help novice business owners navigate the issues that are commonly faced, for example tool selection. 

As a victim of scams before, he shares his knowledge of how to spot and avoid them. Right off the bat on the official website, he shares a bunch of tools that are not as useful as the reviews suggest. 

In his book, you will be able to access a list of honest vendors to purchase tools from, thus saving you a world of trouble and having more cash in your wallet. This alone is worth the cost of the program in my opinion. 

Also, he has had numerous setups throughout his career, from spaces as small as 8′ X 8′, to larger workshops, and this information can all be found in the book. 

I like that he is a career woodworker, and tells it as it is: brutally honest and to the point. 

What will you be getting in the program?

The moment you sign up, you will receive a 246 page pdf ebook that is well structured and easy to read. 

Ralph has included lots of graphics and photos to illustrate his teachings and methods. so you won’t get turned off by a wall of text. 

Also, you will gain access to his list of selected suppliers, tools that you should be getting, and as well as useful checklists.

Let’s have a look at what each module covers. 

Module 1: Tool Selection

Every woodworker needs tools, but there are many times when we are unsure how to choose the right ones, especially if you are a beginner.

Because of a lack of knowledge, you can easily blow off your budget by buying the wrong equipment, and pretty soon you will realise you are stuck with useless items you can’t sell. 

How To Set Up A Fully Equipped Workshop For Under $1000

Something interesting that caught my attention here was his opinion about buying from Amazon, Home Depot or Walmart. Not saying that it is wrong to buy from them, but rather choosing the right merchants instead of going for the big brands that these online marketplaces tend to promote. 

Ralph goes on to reveal where you should be buying your tools from, how to snag them at wholesale prices, and even gives you a checklist on how to negotiate better prices. 

Whether you have a budget of $500 or $1000, you can make use of the shopping list that targets each price point. 

There’s a lot more covered in this module, even tips on how to maintain your tools in good condition, what you should buy from big box stores and his personal list of suppliers. 

Module 2: Space Selection

If you are in this for the long run, you will need to set up your woodworking shop the right way. Revamping or renovating your shop every year is simply not an option for people like us who are cash strapped or just starting out. 

In this module, Ralph shows us how we can choose the right space to get started. 

For me, I had quite limited space to begin with, just shy of 10′ X 10′, but that is sufficient and I was quite amazed by what you can set up with this small amount of space. The trick is to optimize every inch of space you have and fitting it with the right tools selection. 

There are lots of tips that are pretty eye opening in here, telling you where NOT to set up instead of just telling you the best places to set up a workshop. 

Module 3: Shop Layouts

Like working with plans and blueprints? This module covers these topics in detail, showing you exactly how you place your tools and materials and lots more. 

woodworking shop electrical layout

You can get started with an area of just 7′ X 7′, which was something that Ralph built previously. 

I really like this module for its simplicity and how he managed to explain the concepts in easy to understand language. The last thing you want is to read a technical analysis and before you start, you already wish to give up. 

He shares a trick that enhances the working space you have, and there are lots of small woodworking shop layout plans you can reference. 

Module 4: Electricity, Lights and Soundproofing

After you finish reading this module, you will gain a greater appreciation of what Ralph has done with the Ultimate Small Shop ebook. 

He really pays attention to details, and here you will find the best ways to power you workshop and learn cost effective ways to do so. 

Without revealing too much, I can share that this step is so simple and creative that you can do it on your own. No need to hire contractors to set it up for you. 

Another area that is covered here talks about soundproofing. This was really important to me as I really did not want to bother my stay at home wife and my 2 young ones too much.

He recommends a bunch of low noise tools, but I don’t too much value in these tools though. The difference is pretty negligible if you ask me. 

Module 5: Heating, Cooling, Ventilation & Dust

I’m sure many of you will be familiar with this. Who likes to work in a stuffy and hot environment? 

In this module, Ralph covers the ways that can help ventilate your workshop effectively, at a fraction of the costs typically involved. 

You will find the product that he recommends to all his students and how you can get it at a great price. 

Not only focusing on our own comfort, the module also covers the right way to heat your workshop so that you can keep your raw material in tip top shape. 

Module 6: Workshop Safety

The last module covers one of the most important aspects of a workshop, but one that is often neglected. We always think we know what we are doing and thus become reckless or complacent. This is when accidents happen. 

Personally, I place a lot of emphasis on this chapter as I am the sole breadwinner, and I definitely do not want to encounter any troubles while working in the workshop. 

Working with wood means a high risk of catching fire, something I am not willing to risk at all. 

I really like the checklist that is provided in this module, and I have modified it slightly to suit my own needs. 

Whether it is a life saver or not remains to be seen, but I certainly would not want to test it out!

Product review: Pros and Cons

In depth guide that is structured well

You can follow it step by step through the modules

Lots of graphics and photos for easy understanding

Exclusive access to suppliers where you can save of your purchases

The amount saved from buying through the suppliers is more than enough to cover the cost of this guide

Plenty of information not found elsewhere

Immediate access

Set at an affordable price, allowing most people to access it easily

Great for beginners or aspiring business owners, but also provides value for veterans of the trade

60 day Money back guarantee

Would prefer to have a mix of videos and text instruction but that is lacking

If you expect immediate results, this is not the right program for you. It takes dedication and commitment to start a business

This is a digital book, which means you will not receive any physical copy

Product Testimonials

In general, I see mainly positive reviews from users. I don’t think that came as a surprise, since I share the same sentiments. 

Ultimately, the product offers a lot of value right off the bat, and I like merchants who dares to back their product up with money back guarantees, which is what you will get with Ultimate Small Shop.

This is a very clear, thorough, well-written book. It details many aspects of setting up a small wood shop, from layout to electrical work to insulation and soundproofing. The author also talks about what tools to select and suggests a priority order for people who cannot get all they want at once. It is an excellent source of information for anyone from hobbyists to beginning professionals.
David S
Considering the amount I've saved with the list of discounted tools revealed in this guide, I would have paid much more for it

Is Ultimate Small Shop a scam?

I can understand why people ask this question. Obviously, no one wants to part with their hard earned money so that some scammer can enjoy his mojito in the Bahamas. 

But to qualify as a scam, there has to be fraud or deception, by in this case, you are free to check out the product and actually gain a ton of value from it. 

Should you decide it is BS, you can return it within 60 days. 

What is the pricing of Ultimate Small Shop?

There is so much value in this Ultimate Small Shop guide. Each module alone is probably worth the $39 investment. 

Even though some of the information can be found online if you are persistent enough, I look at this as a small business cost that I will easily recoup once I get it up and running. 

Plus, the book is organised and well structured so you won’t be all over the place trying to find the right info you need.

If you are really keen to start, you will be pleased to know you can get a bunch of free bonuses when you sign up here at Reviews Mill. Check them out below. 

TIP: Access the checkout page on a desktop and attempt to leave the page to enjoy a $10 exclusive discount now! This is a limited time offer so don’t count on it to last for long.

Free Bonuses of Ultimate Small Shop

There are 2 free bonuses if you decide to sign up through Reviews Mill. These 2 alone are worth over a hundred bucks and you can get them for free for a limited time only. 

I personally like the deal alert service, which is similar to what every other merchant emails to you, but with a twist as they are personally sourced by Ralph and you can expect he will find some real bargains here. 

Bonus 1

Workshop Cheat List - How to buy lumber and tools at deep discounts or even free!

Bonus 2

Deal Alert Service - A lifetime subscription that notifies you whenever there is a good deal on supplies or equipment

Ultimate Small Shop Review: Conclusion

So, have I set up my own small woodworking shop already? 

The answer is yes and no.

Yes because I have managed to follow the guide and set up something within my wife’s family home, just 8 minutes drive away from us. The reason was simply because I did not want to risk my child’s health as she is extremely sensitive to dust.

No because I am technically not in business yet. I take on small projects for friends and family at the moment due to a lack of time, but someday I hope to make the switch to full time. 

As for you, I highly recommend that you take action soon, instead of “thinking about it’ for another 735 days. It is easy to fall into that trap of inaction and then realize you achieved nothing. 

For a fraction of the price of one power tool, the Ultimate Small Shop guide could potentially change your life. Go for it!

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