Singorama Review (Updated 2020): Aspiring Singers Pay Attention!​

Singorama Review (Updated 2020): Aspiring Singers Pay Attention!

Today’s post is a review of Singorama 2.0, a singing program that can help you to learn how to sing better, or if you are already on a singing journey, to improve your singing voice. 

This Singorama review is very long and detailed, and if you don’t wish to read through the entire thing now, my opinion is that Singorama singing program is worth every penny. If you are serious about being a good singer and you really want to realise your dreams, you should give it a shot. It is one of the best foundations you will ever get.

Official website is here

Are you an aspiring singer? Someone who wants to be the next Beyonce or be the lead man in a rock band? A lot of us have dreams of becoming a professional singer, to have a great singer’s voice, to get admiration from friends and family, but how?

I like to listen to music. It could be when I’m driving, in the shower, working out, at the karaoke or any other activity. You can be sure I will be singing along at the top of my voice, irritating the hell out of my partner since I will vocally challenged. Sounds familiar? I hope not for your own benefit. 

Whatever it is, let’s face it, singing in the shower versus singing to an audience are two completely different propositions, and if you intend to do something similar to the latter, you are probably better off with some help. 

To do that, you can hire a professional vocal coach. This is a good option if you have the right budget, as an hour with one costs north of $100. Of course, if you are developing yourself towards turning professional or simply are very serious about singing, a coach would make a lot of sense. 

On the other hand, you can teach yourself how to sing by making use of resources from the internet or maybe the library. This is a great option for beginners starting out without a huge budget, or just dipping their toes in the water to see where they go from here.

Both methods have its merits, and today we will be looking at the self taught method by using the Singorama singing program. 

Product information and summary


It depends on your own pace, but results can be seen quickly



Easy to follow, well organised, requires around 10 - 15 minutes a day



Very reasonably priced, and backed by guarantee. Much cheaper than hiring a coach



Excellent product, very suitable for beginner and intermediate level learners


How do YOU become a successful singer?

Sorry to burst your bubble, but there is no secret to success. There are however some steps that you should ensure you do to have a higher chance at success. 

Here’s what you ponder over:

  • Set yourself a goal
  • Improve on your singing
  • Practice as often as possible
  • Get into the company of like minded people
  • Seek out small gigs to start performing

As Beyonce said, “If everything was perfect, you would never learn and you would never grow.” 

What this review and ultimately, this course, offers to you is a means to an end. You need to be sufficiently motivated and keep sight of your goals, to become the best singer that you can be. 

What is Singorama?

Singorama is a complete online singing course that is catered for beginner and intermediate singers. 

With this course, you will gain access to a huge library of information related to the subject, all leading to the goal of becoming a better singer. 

Unlike some of the courses you find online for free. Singorama is not really for casual singers. Why I say that is because the course itself is actually quite intensive, and is done over a period of 6 weeks. It’s kind of like going to school, but you can do all this at home instead. 

By using this course, you will discover and hone your own unique voice. Yes, there is such a thing. You have a unique voice. The course teaches you how to stop making common mistakes amateurs make and provides solutions on how to conquer those problems. 

singorama review
By providing a well structured curriculum for you to follow, you get to be very involved in the learning process, setting and achieving goals along the way. Each time you hit a small milestone is another right step towards your ultimate goal of becoming a better singer, even if you had no vocal experience before hand. After completing the Singorama training program, you will be well on your way to sing better, maybe be the next American Idol?

How does it work?

As you might know by now, Singorama is an online music course that teaches how to get better at singing. 

It does that by setting out a path that is pretty easy to follow and one that is well organised. Compare that with trying to figure out on your own and putting together bits and pieces of information gathered from the net, this definitely saves you lots of time and effort. 

singorama full bundle
The entire bundle you will receive with Singorama!

Once you have signed up, you get instant access to the material. In all, there are 28 audio lessons that you can download or stream directly on your mobile phone, laptop or desktop, or your tablet device. 

These audio lessons form the bulk of the learning material, and the quality is excellent, even though the design of the website needs a bit of improvement to look more modern. But hey, not a big deal at all and doesn’t change anything about the content you are getting.

As a newbie singer, you should not feel intimated by the amount of work you need to put in. The truth is, the entire course is well within a reasonable timeframe, and it is really up to you to decide on the amount of time spent. 

If you follow the schedule exactly, you will realise that it is quite painless. No painful vocal chords after hours of singing as you won’t be doing that. There is a strong focus on all aspects of singing such as breathing techniques, rhythm, and pitch enhancement.

Details of Singorama training program

Here is a more detailed look at the audio lessons you will be going through. The course is divided into 6 parts, each covering an important aspect of becoming a good singer.

Part 1: Getting Started as a Singer

  • Lesson 1: Introduction & Understanding Your Own Voice
  • Lesson 2: Warm Ups and Strengthening Your Voice
  • Lesson 3: Loaded Sonancy Method (Breathing and Posture)

This first part forms a good foundation for you as a new singer, and will probably teach you something important that you never knew: Your own voice. 

From here, you will also learn the common things that a lot of bathroom singers miss out, which is the warm up, strengthening your voice, how to breathe correctly while singing and even something as basic as your body posture. 

Part 2: Vocal Technique

  • Lesson 4: Vocal Tone
  • Lesson 5: Pitch & Staying in Tune
  • Lesson 6: Chest vs. Head Voice (Bridged Vocalization)
  • Lesson 7: Bad Habits to Avoid
  • Lesson 8: Extending Your Vocal Range (Octave Power Generator Part 1 of 2)

In part 2 of the training series, you will be looking at how you can improve your vocal techniques, and this is really important as you will learn how to sing better. It covers all the details including how to make your voice sound proper, plus you get to discover all the different voice types that you might have. 

Audio lesson 7 teaches an invaluable lesson. Most of the time when we learn something, we focus on getting the right information but neglect correcting or avoiding common mistakes. 

It is really good that Singorama sets the tone right early in the course and points out what are the bad habits you should avoid in order to become a great singer. 

These bad habits, if not corrected early, can seriously damage your singing career or affect it in a negative way, so do pay close attention here.

Further in this part, you learn how you can extend your vocal range. This is a skill that every singer wants to possess, but they know it is really difficult to achieve. 

Imagine one moment you can be an alto and the next you are a soprano, or change from a bass to a tenor. How cool is that! 

Part 3: The Technical Stuff

  • Lesson 9: Time Signatures, Key Signatures, and Rhythm
  • Lesson 10: Major & Minor Keys and the Solfege System
  • Lesson 11: Intervals and the Solfege System

Time to get a bit geeky and advance your singing prowess. 

This part may seem slightly boring to some, but it is important to be well versed in the theory aspects of things too. Music theory comprises a big part of a musician’s life, and if you want to make sweet sounding music, then be sure to get your foundations right. 

In this section, you will pick up knowledge about certain techniques to produce excellent music, such as time signatures and rhythm. 

If you are not exposed to it before, the Solfege System is crucial to understanding music better. You will learn how to read music scores and notes and improve on harmony. Being well versed in Solvege allows you to learn singing and music much more easily. 

Part 4: Singing Styles

  • Lesson 12: Different Styles of Music
  • Lesson 13: Harmony
  • Lesson 14: Different genres of music

The next section you will move on to will expose you to the different singing styles.

At this point, it makes a lot of sense for you to develop your own style, and learn what works best for you. 

While most of us are familiar with a few styles of music such as rock, jazz, or country music, this audio lessons will cover the subject more in depth to broaden your understanding of music.

Part 5: Learn Entire Songs

  • Lesson 15: Understanding the Meaning of a Song: Part I on Lyrics and Tone
  • Lesson 16: Understanding the Meaning of a Song: Part II on Emotions and Personality
  • Lesson 17: Making a Song Your Own
  • Lesson 18: Learning a Full Song: Part I of II
  • Lesson 19: Learning a Full Song: Part II of II

By the time you reach this section, you would have a good foundation built up and found out what style suits you best. In this section, it is time to put some of the skills you learned into action by dissecting an entire song. 

Learn how lyrics and tone work together to deliver the right message to the listener and much more. 

Part 6: Learn Entire Songs

  • Lesson 20: Solutions to Common Problems
  • Lesson 21: Your Future as a Singer
  • Lesson 22: Extending Your Vocal Range- Part II of II
  • Lesson 23: Performance Tips
  • Lesson 24: Auditions
  • Lesson 25: Writing Your First Song
  • Lesson 26: Singing with a Band
  • Lesson 27: Performance anxiety
  • Lesson 28: Final Overview

The last section is also the longest, where all your knowledge culminates and you try to figure out the next step for your singing career.

A lot of you will probably be thinking of a future as a professional singer, hoping to become the next big thing, and this section will discuss a lot about those topics. 

Should you go solo or join a band? How do you deal with nerve wrecking auditions? All these will be taught to you, and by the end of it, you would have built a solid foundation to start a singing career. 

Other things included in Singorama

I cannot emphasize enough how comprehensive and detailed the Singorama singing course really is. The 28 audio lessons discussed above is worth the price itself, but wait, there’s more! 

After signing up, you will be able to access the Singorama login immediately and start your training. All the information you need is conveniently stored in the members area platform, and first thing you will notice is that there’s a lot going on here! 

The audio lessons are just one part, but you also get access to vocal exercises, songs, and free ebooks. There are also useful links to a metronome which you can download the app, and also to a scheduling tool that will keep things well organised. 

The image below will show you the menu bar of the contents after you log in.

Benefits of the program

Now that you have gotten to this part of the review, you should be able to see clearly how this program can benefit you. Besides the clear benefits you will gain from a structured training program that is packed full of information, you should really consider the intangible parts.

Why are you looking for a singing program in the first place? What do you aspire to become? What are your motivations? 

If you are serious about becoming the singer you think you can be, then Singorama should definitely be part of your arsenal. 

It provides you with the right foundation of a music career that will be valuable for many years to come. 

Who created it?

The person who created the Singorama singing program is no stranger to fame. Melanie Alexander was actually part of a successful girls group named Girlfriend in the 90s in Australia!

melanie alexander singorama

They enjoyed great success, and even collected Gold and Platinum awards during their heydays.

It is great to know that the person behind the program knows what she is talking about, having been there done that. Not only was she a professional singer, she was also a songwriter and vocal coach. 

After spending years in the industry, Melanie created Singorama to cover the gaps she saw in the market of singing lessons.

I take comfort in knowing that I am using a program taught by a seasoned and successful singer.

melanie alexander awards

Frequently Asked Questions

How often should I be listening to the Singorama lessons?

The best thing about online learning is that you can really take things at your own pace. You are not restricted by a set schedule or fixed classes to attend. While the course is designed to be completed over 6 weeks, it really depends on your ability to understand the concepts and the amount of time you have to commit. 

On average, the lessons are not longer than 25 minutes, so you can work your schedule around this.

How often should I be doing the Singorama vocal exercises?

Ideally, you should do these exercises daily, at least in the beginning. 

You do not need a specific location to practice, so keep on doing it whether you are in the shower, driving, or just chilling out in your room. 

Try your best to dedicate at least 15 minutes each day to practice.

Product review: Pros and Cons

Singorama 2.0 has been improved and the library is extensive and packed with useful information

The skills you will learn are comprehensive and critical to your development as a good singer

The lesson on bad habits is very useful to remind you of the things or actions you need to avoid

Build a solid foundation of music and singing, and improve your breathing techniques, and learn to read and understand music better

There are guides that prepares you to take your singing career to the next step, like getting ready for an audition

All the information you need can be accessed immediately online, making it very convenient to join the lessons

Created by a real professional who knows the business inside out

Additional tools included to further boost your learning journey

Very engaging and easy to follow, complemented by a workbook

Set at an affordable price, allowing most people to access it easily

Suitable for all levels of learners

60 day Money back guarantee

The program is delivered by Melanie, who is a female singer, so it seems that male singers might not feel the connection

The range of the vocal training may not be wide enough for experienced singers

Would be good if they had a forum for discussions, but at this moment they don’t

Singorama Testimonials

Singorama has thousands and thousands of successful students, and a quick search on Facebook will show you the evidence.

As I look through them, here are the most common comments I have noticed:

  • Improvement in vocal range
  • Comprehensive and fun
  • Practice at your own pace
  • Free studio software was very useful in accessing progress
  • Learn to write songs
  • Unique features
  • More quality tone in singing voice
  • Performed on stage successfully

What is the pricing of Singorama?

To me, this seems like daylight robbery. Don’t believe me? Just go back up and note down all the lessons above and ask a professional how much it would cost to conduct training like that. Certainly not less than $100. 

The Singorama singing course is available right now at only $67, and you get access to all the good stuff I showed you earlier. 

If you order through this site, you will be receiving not 1, but 3 special bonuses. That’s unbeatable value if you ask me. 

Free Bonuses

If you decide to sign up for Singorama here on Reviews Mill, you will be able to receive 3 exclusive bonuses worth a combined $241 for free. Yes, not a single cent extra. This is excellent value, and may not be available forever!

Bonus 1

Perfect Your Pitch Pro - A software that will help tune your ear and voice to pitch perfection. You’ll be able to hit the right notes and sing precisely each and every time. Hear all 36 notes on the chromatic scale.

Bonus 2

Singorama Mini-Recording Studio - You can use this software to record your own singing and use it to evaluate your progress. With this software, you can effectively turn your bedroom into a mini studio. Be sure to chart your progress!

Bonus 3

The Ultimate Guide on How to Read Music - If you don't know how to read music, that will be a disadvantage to your career. On top of the training you will receive in the course, this Ultimate Guide further enhances your knowledge in music.

Singorama Platinum Inner Circle Membership

Before I sign off, I wanted to touch a bit on the membership program that is available to all Singorama customers. 

After you join Singorama, you have the option to expand on learning journey by joining the Platinum Inner Circle. This will give you access to 8 new interactive audio vocal coaching lessons for every month that you are enrolled in the membership, so this is really great if you decide to continue learning. 

Obviously, this is not for every one, but I do encourage you to take advantage of the $1 trial, which gives you 1 month access. Thereafter, it will be $27 per month, which is still quite reasonable in my opinion. 


I hope I was able to show you what the Singorama program can provide to you, but as I mentioned earlier, focusing on your end goal is what matters most. 

If you aspire to become an outstanding singer, someone who deserves admiration from your peers and family, Singorama can put you on the right track with a tiny fee. There is a 60 days money back guarantee that makes this investment risk free.

So tell me, will you be investing in yourself today?

I did, and it is worth every penny!